Calls to Impeach President Trump Admit He Won the Election

Daniel Greenfield, What time is it? It’s time to whip up some impeachment fever again.

Is It Too Late to Impeach Trump Again? – New York Times

 Washington Watchdog Group Calls for Trump to be Impeached – Business Insider

Democratic lawmakers call for Trump to be impeached for pressuring Georgia’s secretary of state to ‘find’ enough votes to overturn the election – Business Insider

Don’t get the idea that this is about Georgia. MSNBC had previously floated an impeachment proposal over pardons, Esquire proposed impeachment over election challenges, Pelosi seemed to be flirting with impeachment as a strategy for blocking the Supreme Court nomination.

Notably, the previous two examples postdated the election raising the obvious question, if Democrats believe that President Trump lost, why impeach him?

Impeachment proceedings for an elected official who doesn’t have very long in office would seem to be a silly proposition even by the standards of the impeachment souvenir pen gang. There would be absolutely no point to it. No point unless they believe that there is some chance of President Trump remaining in office or making a successful political comeback. Despite their ‘public face’, they don’t really believe it’s over. If they did, we wouldn’t be hearing about impeachment.

You don’t impeach defeated political figures. It’s why the calls to lock up Hillary never went anywhere. You go after politicians who still pose a threat.

Brian Kemp Held Meeting With Suspected Spy to Make Deals With Chinese Communist Government

Republican Georgia governor Brian Kemp met with and made deals with the Chinese Communist Party, according to Chinese-language records. Kemp reportedly “warmly welcomed” the Chinese Consul General from Houston in a meeting in which Kemp invited Chinese business investment in Georgia.

That Consul General was accused by the Trump administration’s State Department of running an espionage ring, and the United States closed his Consulate in July 2020.

Kemp is trying to stop China’s geopolitical foe President Donald Trump from getting a fair count of the votes in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

Kemp’s former chief of staff lobbies for Dominion Voting Systems, the disputed election technology company whose machines are used in Georgia.

Trump Ga. Transcript Shows Case for Vote Fraud, President Acted Properly

HERE IS AN OCTOBER 9, 2019 ARTICLE IN THE CHINESE-LANGUAGE NEWSPAPER “Atlanta America Chinese Life,” an outlet that coordinates with United Front, a network controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. The article, translated by Google, reads in part:

“At the end of September 2019, Consul General Cai Wei visited Georgia in person, visited Atlanta, Gunet County, and other regions, and had a cordial meeting with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Consul General Cai Wei called on Georgia Governor Kemp. At the meeting with Governor Kemp, Consul General Cai reviewed the cooperation between China and Georgia.

Consul General Cai expressed his willingness to continue to promote bilateral exchanges and practical cooperation on the basis of previous work. Governor Kemp warmly welcomed Consul General Cai to take office, introduced the business environment in Georgia, and said that he welcomes more Chinese companies to invest and more Chinese students to study.

At the same time, Governor Kemp spoke highly of the outstanding contributions made by overseas Chinese to the local economic and cultural development.”

Kemp’s relationship with the Chinese Communists is concerning considering China was the outbreak spot for the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic that resulted in 2020 election chaos in America, with many paper ballots getting counted late at night in Fulton County, Georgia. China has been open about its adversarial relationship with President Trump after Trump imposed tariffs to gain trade concessions from the Chinese regime.

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