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California Senate Seat Leads to Identity Politics War Between BLM and Latinos

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Daniel Greenfield,

It’s a common maxim of the better class of bandits not to devoid the spoils before they’ve been spoiled. Even though the White House isn’t actually theirs yet, California Democrats are battling who should get Kamala’s Senate seat.

Since California is a one-party state, it’s a battle between which minority group should get it. This is what Democratic democracy looks like.

Sen. Kamala Harris is set to make history as the first Black woman vice president — which means her Senate seat will soon be open.

Black Lives Matter is calling on Gov. Newsom to replace Harris with another Black woman.


Isn’t she the first black-Indian woman? Wouldn’t the right thing to do be replacing her with another black-Indian woman?

But BLM doesn’t care about Indians. Black-Indian lives don’t matter.

The activist organization joins the state’s Legislative Black Caucus in pushing for two California congresswomen — Rep. Karen Bass and Rep. Barbara Lee — as candidates.

Should be great. When the CBC tried this the last time, Kamala unleashed a horde of opposition research tying Bass to everything from Castro to Scientology. But I’m sure the Democrats will do better in Florida when there’s a Castro supporter in the Senate.

Following Harris’ historic role in the Senate, “it just makes sense to continue a tradition, but particularly from the perspective of African-American women,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, part of a group of Black California lawmakers pushing Bass.

What tradition?

Kamala Harris has been in the Senate for 3 years. She was preceded by Barbara Boxer. Shouldn’t it be a Jewish woman to carry on the tradition? (Obviously not, Jews, like Indians, are not a real minority.)

Anyway, Latino leaders want the seat too.

Latino leaders in California are uniting to request that Gov. Gavin Newsom name a Latino to replace outgoing Senator Kamala Harris.

“Latinos helped build this state. We grow its food. We serve in the national guard,” said Assemblyman Robert Rivas, Vice-Chair of the Latino Legislative Caucus at a Sacramento news conference of government and elected leaders.

I guess. So do white people and most groups.

But we can go full Spartan and appoint Senate members based on the racial proportion of National Guard membership. There are worse ideas.

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Remember when we used to vote for candidates?