Boom: What the merkel-led government has in place for the German people?

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Translation of audio recording. What the merkel-led government has in place for the German people.

Hey, everybody, I’d like to clarify something for you right now. I mean, I’ve been in politics for three years. I am on the Board of Directors in the Pfaffenhofen/Freising region. What I am about to tell you is certain to be true, because I have seen it with my own eyes, because I am in politics and I am cooperating. It may be too much for some of you right now, we may not meet, but I’m supposed to open your eyes. Unfortunately, it is now not possible to organize any online event or meeting.


So… First of all, I would like to tell you something about the law “Infektionsschutzgesetz” (Pandemic Law in the Czech Republic). You know what Jäckel intends to do, he has now brought this law to the Bundestag and it will be debated on Friday. And I can tell you with 1,000% certainty that it will be approved because the CDU, CSU, SPD, left-wing FDP and Greens agree with the Chancellor. We already know that this bill will pass. The same thing happened last November, and now it’s going to pass. Please don’t be under any illusions right now that it’s going to take any longer, or that they can’t do it, that they need a 2/3 majority, they’re going to get a 2/3 majority here.

It’s all predestined. What does the law mean? The law means that Mrs Merkel will remove the land from power. That means she alone will have power and government. This woman will practically take over our lives and all our rights. She can now invalidate everything, which she’s already done. And I’m telling you very clearly, there’s never been a coronavirus. It’s all about achieving one goal, and that’s to push through a plan. The coronavirus was just an excuse the whole time. And now I have to say it very clearly and clearly, I saw it in black and white, I know what I’m talking about. It is all about minimizing and reducing the world’s population. This was all planned back in 2019, when Merklová was at the Bilderberger meeting.

There’s a lot of heads of government involved. Merklová belongs to a certain elite who want to push through the “Great reset” plan – you’ve certainly heard something about it. This means that everything will be nationalized, we will all be dependent on the state, our assets will be taken away, that is what the Greens already have on the electoral agenda. You can read everything I’m telling you. They want to take everything from us if we survive the vaccinations. The point is, just think now, with how fast it’s all been pushed through since last year. Think about it and remember the individual statements – no, vaccination will not be mandatory, now it becomes an obligation. Without vaccinations, you can’t do this and that, without a test, you can’t shop… It’s all been planned for a long time. Well, that was first of all.

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We’re all supposed to be dependent on the state. This means that we will be allocated food. The apartments are to be divided. The Greens practically want the next thing to come up with is a climate lockdown. They’re going to take everything away from us, and I have to be very clear. We don’t have time anymore. We don’t have any more time.

The governments and all the politicians who are sitting there and I’m going to say this completely hard, they’re so worried about their chair that they’re going to be deprived of power and they’re not going to be able to make money, that they’re all going to agree, because they know very well that if they don’t agree, they’re going to have to leave. And I can already tell you that we’re going to have a Green Chancellor. That’s all meant to be.

Everything’s decided, and everything’s going according to Merkl’s plan. If she succeeds in pushing through this bill, there will be no going back to normal, I’m telling you this very clearly and clearly. He’ll control us, take over our bodies, everything. If we don’t cooperate, if you as parents don’t cooperate, he’ll take your children away from you. This, too, is already prescribed for those who do not agree with it and will not accept this system. Once again, the nation had it all in its hands. But this nation is too scared.

This nation is as divided as ever because of this lady. And that’s why it’s going to go on like this. And I’m telling you quite frankly, one day they’re going to close grocery stores. The way it’s supposed to be is that during this lockdown they announced, we’ll get a curfew even during the day, we’ll only be able to go shopping once a week, we won’t be able to leave the house anymore, from next Monday we won’t be able to go out after 9pm or in our own garden. Please keep that in mind. Of course you’re thinking, that’s impossible, they can’t do that. But they can, because that’s part of her plan. Federalism was particularly enshched in the Constitution at the time, so that no more could anyone have the same power as Hitler did then.

The problem is, Merklová can invalidate everything, so here we have another year, 1933. That’s right, we’re in the same place again as we were then, but people just don’t want to see it, and that’s what’s terrible. Time is definitely running out. I say quite frankly that dancing, singing or bouncing is not going to help us in any way. The only thing that can save us is to overthrow the system. And I am telling you this quite openly, even though I am saying things here that may cost me my neck in politics, but I don’t really care, because this is about the lives of all of us, about the future of our families. If we don’t get up now and do something, it’s going to come so close to us that none of us can even imagine it. This woman is sick, Söder, they’re all one of them.

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They want power all to themselves, and that’s what they get. Trust me, the bill will be passed on Friday. All these years, she had 16 years to install the whole thing, strippe the judge of power, put people who agree with her in the most influential places. You need to see what’s happening here right now. It is a system that is much worse than in DDR, it must be said. And if we’re not active now and we don’t get up, then it’s going to be over next week from Monday. That’s what I wanted to make clear to you. If you’d like some more information, we could get in touch or do something.

I could tell you so much internal information that I know from my work in politics. Honestly, I never thought something like this could happen to us at this rate. We knew that last year, and I’ve tried so many times to wake people up, but they don’t want to be woken up at all. That’s the problem, because many people can’t even imagine it. I’m telling you all again, please don’t get vaccinated. This vaccination serves only one purpose, namely to reduce the world’s population.

That’s right. And these vaccines are life-threatening. But that’s part of it, too. It is not in vain that the vaccine, which has been banned for years, is being promoted. They’ve been trying to import this mRNA for years, but it’s been banned because it’s just too dangerous and it’s interfering with DNA. And now they’re pushing it through, and they’re getting vaccinated despite all the deaths. So what’s happening here is a huge madness. This needs to be stated clearly and clearly. It is completely useless to hope for politics anymore, that is right, politics is already toothless and there is nothing it can do to help us.

Unfortunately, I have to say, that’s right, because they all serve the system. Take your own picture, think, because time is running out. You all want to protect your children and your families. Then we have to do something and stand up to the system, because that’s the only way it’s going to end. If we don’t cooperate, it’ll all be over, because people are just obedient and going after their own destruction, that’s the worst part. That’s just what I wanted to tell you right now, if you want more information, write to me, we can try to think of something. I’m not a person who submits to the system, I’m a person who defies the system, that’s what I’ve been trying to do all along. You can turn to me. Ok? That’s what I wanted to tell you.

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Europe Merkel says lockdowns, curfews vital to break Germany’s third wave

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged lawmakers on Friday to approve new powers that would allow her to force coronavirus lockdowns and curfews on areas with high infection rates, saying a majority of Germans were in favour of stricter measures.

“The third wave of the pandemic has our country firmly in its grip,” said Merkel, whose speech in parliament was interrupted by heckling from lawmakers of the far-right Alternative for Germany party opposed to lockdowns.

“Intensive care workers are sending one distress call after the other. Who are we to ignore their pleas?” Merkel said.

Her government wants parliament to change the Infection Protection Act to enable federal authorities to enforce restrictions even if regional leaders resist them, hoping to alleviate pressure on intensive care units.

The imposition of curfews and granting the federal government powers to force them on Germany’s 16 states has also drawn criticism from within Merkel’s conservative bloc, which opinion polls suggest will suffer their worst ever result in a September national election.

Unlike Britain and France, Germany has been reluctant to impose drastic limits on movement in a country fiercely protective of democratic freedoms due to its Nazi and Communist past.

Opponents of the lockdown have held demonstrations across Germany, but particularly in the former east, which is more supportive of the AfD. The far-right party says restrictions have failed to halt the pandemic and that they cause more damage to both the economy and people’s mental health.

Merkel acknowledged in her speech that the new powers were no bullet-proof solution to the pandemic, which she said could only be defeated with vaccinations.

AfD parliamentary leader Alice Weidel said the new measures were an unprecedented attack on basic democratic freedoms.

“The proposed amendments of the Infection Protection Act are an alarming document of an authoritarian state,” said Weidel. “This relapse into the authoritarian demon is coming from the chancellery and you, Madame Chancellor.”

Merkel gazed at her smartphone during most of Weidel’s speech.