BOOM Intel Updates: Today the truth has finally been told

Nesara/Gesara is in full swing. All Deep state systems like SWIFT will be shut down!

Prime Minister Weil is talking about a new system that will make a multi-day closure just in early April. Like Thomas always said. When the cherries bloom. I don’t know, it can be that way. Judge for yourself. This is not a coronavirus closure right now, but for something completely different.

It will probably be NESARA/GESARA and other follow-up steps. It is possible that a hard lockdown will be announced for 7 days. Perhaps also the intervention of troops in Europe. We’ll be surprised.

And now that it’s on TV, you can’t say nothing’s wrong. So all the predictions were true.

This is not a closure as we decided in November, it is not a lockdown as we decided in March, but it is a short targeted intervention to prepare a new system that will together provide us all with significantly more options.

Large troop movements in Russia. East direction.

NATO reported unusually many Russian planes in the air yesterday. A TU 160 BLACKJACK supersonic bomber was also observed.


I have some other important news for you. Many plots in the world, you can’t even read them all, so I choose the most important ones for you.

Nesara/Gesara is in full swing. All DS systems like SWIFT will be shut down forever. Decision of the World Court on the OBLIGATION to introduce NESAR / GESARA from Q1. Q4.2Q21 to 1Q. Q4.2Q21 and disbursement from funds must be made according to Tier4b. (delays here and there can complicate the situation, not jeopardize it.).

Trump and the alliance’s military insisted fearlessly on the Q1 deadline. Q4.2Q21. Otherwise, there could be military intervention in a state that would not want to comply. All exchanges of money will be applied within 3Q. Q4.2Q21. Please don’t ask me how everything will go, I haven’t studied anything yet. It’s their plan.

Until 1Q. Q4.2Q21 should be arrested by shaef’s entire administration. Likewise, President Donald Trump’s swearing-in is to be re-sworn in by that date. Let’s see how fast they do. It’s a plan.

A new television broadcasting system is to be introduced. All DS crimes will be uncovered. Q4, if applicable. Q4.2Q21 should be officially proclaimed Nesara / Gesara. Thus, all world debt is erased. Even from your account. Thomas wrote about it long in advance. You remember. By that date, the renewal of the American Republic is to be announced in the UNITED States. Of course, there may be a small shift, as is customary, but it will happen. (again, don’t bomb the tadesco because of the data or some of your ignorance).

The world will soon be shocked by the events of past decades.

The EVERGREEN ship, belonging to the now-in-life original HILLARY CLINTON, was stranded in the Suez Canal thanks to hacked computer systems. Using white hats and a hacked SSP system, she was deliberately led into a collision course and stuck. You know the rest. There were 1,000 children trapped on the ship who were freed. In a large part of the containers there were weapons for a certain group of people in the EU. There are also weapons of mass destruction.

The weapons were to be issued thanks to MOSSAD on Muslims who were to carry out their prepared work in the Far East and Europe. Everything written is to be revealed to mankind on planet Earth in the near future. In April 2Q21. Everything is to be broadcast for ten days. The now-familiar MSMs are to be turned off and removed by this time. Ten days will be a global state of war, and according to reports, all trains and air traffic should be stopped. I cannot say whether this will apply only to the US or to the whole world. See.

As I wrote, President Trump will be in 1Q. Q4.2Q21 inaugurated, according to their reports. He’s got a new address where you can all write to him. But please only sensual requests or questions, it will be answered by everyone. The new address for Mr. Trump is:

Satanic buildings and lodge buildings are now being destroyed and set on fire. All over the world. You have videos on youTube. In the same way, all MOSSAD satellites were destroyed so that he would have no further control over humans.

Internet connections, televisions or mobile devices, including non-military navigation, may be lost. All exchanges are expected to collapse in the coming days. World. Also, an alternative currency like Bitcoin, which was mainly used to trade with children, will be removed.

All U.S. laws and regulations since 1871 will be repealed. Because they were aimed at people to enslave people. The dollar will not be a reserve currency in the future. All currencies must be backed by gold. The current monetary system will be removed. All currencies converted to 1:1.

There will be no inflation in the future, it was artificially created. It’s always been caused by a new printing of money. Unthinkable in the future.

NASA (luciferian organization) will be abolished and people will be surrendered knowledge and knowledge of incredible value. To mankind, criminals from the VATICAN (and all religions) were deliberately concealed. The books and knowledge that the criminals of the Vatican kept from the people are located on 53 square miles.

DS, of course, tries to kill as many people as possible in the last spasm. In the last place, it is not only vaccination with the Luciferian vaccine, but also by testing (vaccination in the nose or mouth – it is exactly the same)

Expect tense days and, most importantly, stay calm. Don’t sell your soul at the last minute by testing.