BLM Leader Stole $200,000, Oppose Black Lives Matter

Daniel Greenfield, Will there be any protest rallies for Sir Maejor Page aka Tyree Conyers-Page, an actor/activist/model over his unfair arrest for allegedly looting reparations money to buy suits?

Sir Maejor Page, 32, was arrested Friday after authorities said he used donations for the social justice movement on tailored suits, guns and a home in Ohio.

He should have called it defense, emotional empowerment, and an independent homeland.

Page ran a Facebook page called Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta and solicited money through a GoFundMe account, the FBI said in a news release.

Between April 2018 and May 2020, the the group’s balance never exceeded $5,000, but donations started pouring in earlier this year after George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police, officials said. Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta raised nearly $470,000 between June and August, and the funds were transferred to an account that was owned and operated by Page.


Investigators said Page responded to private messages online, assuring donors their money would be used to fight for George Floyd and that all funds were for “movement-related expenses,” the FBI said.

Depends on how you define the movement.

But we’re not exactly dealing with a brilliant mastermind here.

“Numerous videos and livestream videos were posted to Page’s personal social media pages showing himself in what appeared to be newly purchased clothing, hotel rooms and office space in Atlanta,” the FBI said in its release. “Several audio statements are made by Page in the videos boasting about the money he has, his tailored suits, his nice cufflinks and ‘$150 dollar ties.’”


Maejor’s page describes him as an activist/actor/model/reporter/speaker/civil rights leader/agitator and police brutality expert.

According to his IMDB page, he’s “best known for his featured recurring role in season 3 of FX’s American Horror Story: Coven as the albino guard/henchman.”

Maybe turning random agitators into civil rights leaders wasn’t such a great idea?

Solid Majority Now Oppose Black Lives Matter “Protests”

“You can fool some of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

The Black Lives Matter movement, after seemingly sweeping away everything before it, mobilizing corporations, academia, and the media into a non-stop propaganda rampage, is hitting a wall.

First the Pew poll warned that BLM itself was sinking.

Since June, overall support for Black Lives Matter, a mostly racist and violent movement, went from 67 percent in favor and 30 percent opposed, to 55 percent in favor and 44 percent against.

Among white people, support for BLM was at 61% in June and after the latest wave of violence in September, is down to 45%. Still too high. But opposition rose from 30% to 53%.

Now ,the AP poll has really bad news for the BLM protests/riots.

44% of people now disapprove of the protests, while only 39% approve.

That also includes 31% who strongly disapprove while only 22% strongly approve.

Among white people, 50% disapprove while 34% approve.

Strong approval among whites is down to 17% while strong disapproval is at 35%.

The change here from a 54% approval to a 32% disapproval overall during the summer is huge. Among white people, support dropped from a 53% approval and a 34% disapproval.

Among black people, support dropped from 81% approval to 63% approval.

This is why Biden-Harris is backpedaling so rapidly.

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