Please Wake The Blinded, A new program called, “Analysis” has been launched by Donne Clement and House of Destiny. Listen as they take you through events of the day and compare them to both Biblical Prophecy and the prophecies of Kim Clement and make an analysis of what is taking place in America and throughout the world.

Join House of Destiny as they delve deeper into 2021 for their first “Analysis”!


“God spoke through Kim Clement about Damascus Road conversions. Today, Donné and Christie are going to go through some brief clips of prophecies Kim gave related to the state of the world right now, specifically in regards to the “Veil” that God said HE had placed on this nation, that God told us that He would “fool the people”, and echoes of Kim shouting as he prophesied that God has shown the entire earth how little we truly know.”

In these days of shaking, God has given us a both a look and a warning into his plans for the world and America in his Biblical prophecies. Years ago, Kim Clement was given visions and prophecies pointing to the season we are presently in with more details to what is coming, much has already transpired just as he prophecied. Listen and hear what more is yet to transpire. God is in control of all the world and has purposed these seasons that have come upon us.


Sidney Powell is not going to give up and the evidence she has, once she can get a court to listen is off the charts. Remember, last November Sidney told us that people in Germany saw the results before the Dominion machines were seized: Trump received 410 Electoral College votes and Joe Biden received 128 Electoral College votes. Trump even won California. You just don’t steal those kind of numbers and believe the people are going to sit down and believe you, let alone steal the most historic numbers in the history of the United States from President Donald J. Trump!

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Hold the line… things are about to shake a bit harder, but not for those God is holding in his hands. It will shake exceedingly for those who hate, and those who love lawlessness. The writing is on the wall. Stay strong in your faith and fear not.

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