Blackburn and Daines Take Aim at Biden Administration’s Action on Paris

Reagan McCarthy, Republican Senators are taking aim at President Biden’s move to rejoin the disastrous Paris Climate Agreement once again, without congressional approval. The Obama administration entered the agreement unilaterally, without congressional authorization, and the new administration followed suit after former President Trump exited the treaty.

GOP Sens. Marsha Blackburn (TN) and Steve Daines (MT) introduced two pieces of legislation to both prevent taxpayer dollars from financing the agreement and to compel Biden to receive congressional approval for reentering the deal.

“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no funds may be appropriated, obligated, or expended to take any action to provide for the United States to become a party to the Paris Agreement,” Blackburn’s legislation reads.

Senate Republicans point out that the “job-killing” agreement benefits China over the United States, on the backs of American taxpayers.

“President Biden violated the Constitution when he chose to rejoin the poorly negotiated and deeply flawed Paris Climate Agreement—a deal that’s horrible for America and good for China,” Daines said. “This deal will do nothing except cause more hard-working Americans to lose their jobs and burden American families with higher energy prices. We must ensure not a single penny of taxpayer dollars are used to implement this disastrous deal.”

Analysis finds that the agreement would cost the economy nearly 400,000 jobs, while depleting GDP by upwards of $2.5 trillion. The Paris Climate Agreement has been implemented by sidestepping congressional approval each time.

Citing Past ‘Extreme Rhetoric,’ Romney Joins Opposition to Neera Tanden’s Nomination

President Biden’s nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Neera Tanden, saw another setback to her confirmation on Monday. GOP Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) will oppose Tanden’s nomination, which already faced a steep approval challenge. Romney joins GOP Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (R-WV), all of whom are viewed as “swing votes,” in opposing her confirmation. Tanden’s nomination is plagued by her past statements about GOP lawmakers on Twitter, which she has since deleted, despite committing to civility and transparency.

“Senator Romney has been critical of extreme rhetoric from prior nominees, and this is consistent with that position,” a spokesperson for the Utah Republican said. “He believes it’s hard to return to comity and respect with a nominee who has issued a thousand mean tweets.”

Spox adds that Romney is a NO. That means getting to 50 votes is becoming extremely hard with Manchin, Romney and Collins all coming out against Tanden

All three lawmakers took issue with Tanden’s toxic rhetoric. Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has not yet indicated how she will vote. The White House is standing by Tanden’s nomination, despite her confirmation being in severe jeopardy.