‘Black Christmas’ Horror Movie Sold as Feminist Destruction of ‘The Patriarchy’

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Do you like Christmas-themed horror movies? How about Christmas-themed horror movies where feminists “smash the patriarchy”? Well, then, the Black Christmas remake is for you.But it you want a good movie, sadly this one is a must miss.

Black Christmas is a mad slasher movie with a double twist. It is both a Christmas movie and a wild-eyed feminist movie.

The film stars no one anyone has ever heard of — well, except for the small cameos by Cary Elwes who is the “name” the producers hope might fool people into coming out to see.
Black Christmas is based upon a film from 1974 that had a few small 1970s era political messages, but for the most part was a straightforward mad slasher flick about a faceless killer taking out sorority girls on a college campus on Christmas.

But this film aspires to be more than that… and fails miserably.

According to the film’s writer/director, Sophia Takal, Black Christmas was meant from the start to push a left-wing political message.

Enter the film’s star, Imogene Poots (who?) who plays Riley, a student who was assaulted by an evil man on campus. Naturally, she is attacked verbally by all the rest of the evil men on campus because she dared to complain about her rape.

Takal celebrates her film as woke to beat the band.

“I wanted to make a movie where instead of feeling objectified or watched from a distance, the audience felt seen,” Takal told left-wing HuffPost. “People have asked me what it means to make a feminist movie or what you bring to a movie as a woman, and I feel like you kind of just articulated it so well. It’s about women feeling seen.”

Do you feel preaching is the main reason for this film?

Well, read her next bit of blather and have your fears confirmed:

“One of the most interesting things about this movie to me is that there’s not a single final girl, this lone woman who beats the bad forces and comes out on top,” Takal blathered on. “It’s that it does take a village, a community of women. And that speaks to the time we’re in as well. Marginalized people are lifting each other up and it takes a whole army, for lack of a better word, of people who are willing to speak out against all the bad things that are going on right now.”

So far, the movie reviews are just brutal. The fans at Rotten Tomatoes gave this steaming pile of crap a 3.0 and 43 percent positive rating.


Black Christmas is a pretentious, mad slasher film with little mad slashing but a whole lot of leftist preaching.

This dog is a must miss.


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