Bill Gates Lab Meat is more like food for transhumanism

THE “GATES” TO HELL ARE PAVED WITH SCIENCE! Gates Lab Meat is more like food for transhumanism….next the half human half clone creature will only need to recharge their bodies with their solar eye shields. Think of the money that will be saved from that green plan. Green as in Soylent Green?

How it works

They tell you it’s microbes. What they don’t tell you is that it also takes Cell Lines that come from- form stem cells.

They want you to think in terms of microbes. Not in the terms of embryonic stem cells which – due to ethical and moral issues – are controversial when used in research.  However, they do it anyway in the name of science.  They have developed induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) – essentially multipotent blood and skin cells which have been reprogrammed back to a pluripotent state therefore enabling them to differentiate into a far greater range of specialized cells.

They tell us that animal muscle is roughly 75% water, 20% protein, and 5% fat and carbohydrates. Muscle is a collection of cells called myofibrils, but that could also be called a myofiber. It has2 main proteins: actin and myosin.So they tell us that really, meat is water (hydrogen & oxygen), protein (amino acids) and fat (glycerol & fatty acids). What could go wrong? There is more to it than that.

God created animals and the flesh is a unit, not pieces of divided parts that can be pulled and removed and replicated. A lot goes into God’s creation like nourishment, blood flow, oxygenation, natural antibodies, enzymes, and other key vitamins like for example Vitamin B-12 found in Beef…where is that going on in developing these processes? Things sience has not discovered yet. DNA and RNA are still in pioneering stages. It’s not just a scientific protein!

We obtain iron, zinc, selenium thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, phosphorus, pantothenate, magnesium and potassium.  Beef contains other nutrients of interest including choline, monounsaturated fat and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). 2 But, science always leaves out nutrition and health. They are interested in patents, transhumans, and making lots of money while they continue with their depopulation!

They tell us the alternative is using multipotent adult stem cells which create muscle cell lineages or unipotent progenitors which will directly differentiate into muscle cells. (Does this sound safe or natural?)

They tell us that the favorable characteristics of stem cells include immortality, high proliferative ability, unreliance on adherence, serum independence and easy differentiation into tissue. However, the natural presence of such characteristics is likely to differ between cell species and origin(Ya think?)

But don’t worry, Gates research never has a natural presence of anything, so he will find a way. A nicely patented way sponsored by the 1 percent club.


Because of the natural presence that is lacking, the following steps of in vitro cultivation must be adjusted to fill the exact needs of a specific cell line. Such as immortality. Cells naturally have a limit on how long they can divide (this is why we age) which is dictated by their telomere cap – a string of supplementary nucleotide bases added to the end of their chromosomes. With each division, the telomere cap is progressively shortened until it is nonexistent in which case the cell ceases to divide. By inducing pluripotency, the telomere cap can be lengthened so that the cell divides indefinitely. They have found insect cells used in entomoculture are naturally un reliant on serum based culture media as well as adherence and so can consequently be cultured more densely in suspension cultures in comparison to mammalian cells. (Is it sounding yummy yet?)

Growth factors can be secreted proteins or steroids which are crucial in regulating certain cellular processes. Typically growth factors are added to the culture media through the integration of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) or another animal based serum or by recombinant protein production.

Stem Cells from what? From who? Whose steroids are you getting? What side affects on human health will this have? Will there be side affects and ER visits due to microbe intolerance? Or something worse?

In layman’s terms – the new lab meat is created in a lab petri  dish from stem cells from the placenta, and supplemented with steroids so cells continue to divide and grow.

These stem cells and other extractions are through animal and God only knows what other sources. Since we are what we eat, and already the GMO’s, food additives, process foods, and corn syrup have proven ill health for lack of natural nutrients and extra sugars that cause a multitude of autoimmune disorders and disease, let alone their octane cooking oils that are known to be non-digestible and cause narrowing of the arteries that lead to  heart disease (they won’t tell you any of this) and now they want you to buy into eating steroids/microbes with no testing on the long term health side effects of eating this living Frankenstein concoction with mutating microbes of its’ own.

Do you feel safe with Gates Vaccines? If so, you will love his new stem cell meat!

What’s next? Fauci doing microbe meatless burger commercials to fight off COVID, in between his mask mandates? Or mandating a soylent green diet? Are we using any fetal tissue in these burgers?