A new story is detailing allegedly explosive confrontations and shady activities that took place with former President Bill Clinton and his family, including that he took a 2003 trip to the “pedophile” island of disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Doug Band, who served as Clinton’s right-hand man for years after he left the White House, told Vanity Fair the 42nd president visited Little St. James, the Carribbean island where Epstein allegedly trafficked his underage victims.

Clinton has denied visiting Epstein’s island, and a spokesperson provided the outlet with “detailed travelogue entries of the period in question that did not contain a visit.”

Epstein’s death last year sent shockwaves through the media as the convicted pedophile partied with some of the world’s most powerful elites. As allegations continued to emerge in the media, a photo surfaced of Clinton apparently receiving a massage from one of Epstein’s alleged victims.

Band also dished about other details surrounding Epstein and Clinton’s orbit, which he likened to a cult.

“It’s like a cult, that world,” he reportedly said. “It’s hard to get yourself out and difficult to see outside of it. And it’s even harder to understand that when you’re inside.”

Band, who landed an internship at 22 in Clinton’s White House, went on to serve as a gatekeeper and advocate for the former president. Starting in 2001, Band reportedly saw his job as restoring Clinton’s scandal-plagued legacy — something he says became increasingly difficult with his wife’s presidential run.

The lengthy piece in Vanity Fair reveals unflattering details about both the Clintons and Band, who is portrayed as a shady self-dealer. After starting his corporate advisory firm, Teneo, Band converted donors from the Clinton Foundation, which he was on the board of, into clients.

That reportedly caused a rift with Clinton’s daughter Chelsea, who is painted as having a sibling-type relationship with Band that became hostile after she acquired power in the foundation.

According to a Clinton friend cited by Vanity Fair: “Chelsea hated Doug because he was like a son to her father.”

Band alleged that in June 2011, Chelsea demanded he offer her and her husband, financier Marc Mezvinsky, equity in his new business. Her father, who was present at the meeting, allegedly stood by her as she argued the $2.5 million offer to her father wasn’t enough.

“I thought she was kidding or deeply sick,” said Band, who reportedly felt like he was in a shakedown. The magazine reported that a Clinton family spokesperson denied that Chelsea asked for equity.