Big Pharma has NEVER fully tested any vaccines

Are You Kidding Me? A couple of years ago, I read on Dave Hodge’s site that he expected the government would soon be requiring proof of vaccination in order to travel, buy and sell, renew driver’s licenses. I thought he’d been smoking something. After all, Colorado, his home state, was throwing cannabis around like the clowns on a Macey Day parade float.

My bad! Dave was correct. The first state to mandate the use of vaccine passports in order to move around in New York state is a reality. I’m sure other blue states will follow the head, Lemming, Cuomo. Hodges even said those who were running a trial run of pulling people over to check for compliance, were even prepared to forcibly vaccinate people who hadn’t complied yet. But even though this trial was conducted in Colorado, I would be surprised to see residents of that state actually complying.

Every time I see one of the original 13 states pulling some Gestapo-like activities such as New York has, I wonder what our Founding Fathers would say. They would probably wonder, as I did if someone had snuck some saltpeter into New York’s drinking water. The absence of testicles is glaring.

And has anyone else noticed how the scandal of the nursing home deaths in New York, has been deep-sixed by Cuomo’s alleged sexual misconduct? Did the Deep State find these women in the same handy pool they found Kavanaugh’s accusers in? I’m not saying legitimate complaints should be glossed over. It is just that the timing is suspect. How many people died because of his mishandling of the virus situation? Shouldn’t these families get together and initiate a class action lawsuit?

I’m really pleased to see some governors of red states beginning to fight back on Federal government overreach. Apparently, the loony leftists are unable to read. The Constitution is fairly clear in the tenth amendment. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Our intel contact said; the reason the US govt lost the landmark vaccine lawsuit is that Big Pharma has NEVER fully tested any vaccines in randomized double blind trials, so the vaccines are completely unverified and they are damaging to ones immune system he said.

This is part of the take-down of the plandemic he said.
He said those who have received the vaccines will not be adversely affected, except they need to do whatever they can to strengthen their immune systems ( take vitamin C & D daily, etc, google Dr. Joseph Mercola on how to strengthen the immune system)

Trump & the military made sure that the COVID-19 vaccines are just flu vaccines, so it will be as if they just got the flu vaccine; his info is that COVID-19 lockdowns and the scamdemic hype will disappear soon after exchanges are over and the RV/GCR/ reset has been released.

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