Biden’s Lead in Arizona Dwindles

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Bronson Stocking, As you’re probably aware, some late ballot counting in Arizona has been slowly chipping away at Biden’s narrowing lead over President Trump.
At the time of this writing, Biden’s lead over the president is on life support, down to about 19,000 votes and falling fast.

According to some reports, about 200,000 ballots, perhaps even more, remain outstanding. And that large number of remaining ballots offers hope for President Trump that he could end up carrying The Grand Canyon State.

With less than a 20,000 vote difference between the two candidates, it’s hard to believe Fox News could be so steadfast in its call made on Tuesday night that Arizona would decidedly go for Biden. The state is likely headed for a recount and perhaps a recanvasing following issues surrounding voting machines and other irregularities.

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit on Sunday over allegations that Maricopa County “incorrectly rejected votes cast by in-person voters on Election Day.” The lawsuit also alleges that voting problems were widespread and a large-scale issue throughout the county.

Similar disputes in other battleground states could trigger new vote totals, recounts, and recanvassing that could end up changing the number of delegates pledged to the two candidates. Media declarations that Biden has won the election seem premature and perhaps just as irresponsible as Fox News’ Election Day call that Arizona would go for Biden.

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