Biden’s gaffes continue as Election Day draws near

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Biden mispronounced health care as ‘badakathcare’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden stumbled on his words again, twice, while campaigning this weekend with less than 100 hours to go until the Nov. 3 election.

Speaking during a drive-in rally in Michigan on Saturday, Biden told voters about how President Trump would destroy the Affordable Care Act, the decade-old health care law, and take away coverage from people with pre-existing conditions.

‘We’re also going to act to protect health care,” he said. “Trump and the Republicans just jammed through a Supreme Court nominee for one overwhelming reason, as Barack said, the president said, they have been trying with over 50 shots to take out Obamacare, to destroy the Affordable Care Act,” he began.

But the former vice president, who has spoken openly about suffering from a stutter, which he’s struggled with since childhood, then tripped over the word “health care” in his next sentence.

“Donald Trump thinks health care is a privilege, Barack and I think it’s a right to have badakathcare,” he appeared to say.

Trump has repeatedly attacked Biden — a self-described “gaffe machine” — over his verbal stumbles, questioning whether they’re evidence of cognitive decline. He played a video of Biden saying “badakathcare” during a campaign rally in Michigan on Sunday, along with footage of other gaffes his opponent has made on the trail.

Biden fumbled again on Sunday during a campaign event in Philadelphia: While wearing a jacket featuring the logo of the University of Delaware — the blue hens — Biden told rallygoers that he was wearing a jacket of the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I know Philadelphia well, I married a Philly girl, by the way, and by the way, I got my Eagles jacket on,” Biden said.

The Trump campaign quickly latched onto the moment.

“The “Eagles” jacket Biden claims he’s wearing to try and show how much he’s in touch with Pennsylvania? It’s a Delaware Blue Hens jacket,” tweeted Zach Parkinson, the deputy director of communications for Trump’s re-election campaign.

But Biden is not alone in making the verbal mistakes: Trump went viral in August after he mispronounced  “Yosemite,” one of the most famous U.S. National Parks, as “Yo Semites” during a ceremony touting his signature on a major piece of conservation legislation. He’s also mistakenly called “NAFTA” as “NASTA.”

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