Democrats are cheating in runoff Georgia Senate races

U.S. Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, alleged earlier this week that Democrats are cheating in key U.S. Senate races in Georgia and announced that he and other members of Utah’s congressional delegation will raise money to help the GOP candidates in the races.

Georgia will hold two runoff elections on Jan. 5 for the race between Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff and Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., as well as the race between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, The Associated Press reported.

If Democrats win the Georgia races, they will have a majority in the Senate.

Stewart took to social media Tuesday to warn that “our country is under attack and the Georgia Senate races are the last line of defense.”

“We’re all looking forward to Thanksgiving, spending time with our families, so much to be thankful for,” Stewart said in a video posted on Twitter. “But there’s something else that’s coming that is very, very important. I need your help. In fact, America needs your help. These two Senate races are critical to our future.”

“The Democrats are desperate to win these two seats,” the Utah congressman continued. “If they do, then they have absolute power. They will change our nation forever. We cannot let them do that. That’s why they’re cheating. That’s why they’re encouraging people to move to Georgia. They’re coaching them on how to register and how to vote.”

Stewart did not provide any specific examples or evidence of cheating or voter fraud in the Georgia races.

Stewart’s comments echo claims regarding widespread voter fraud made by President Donald Trump in the days and weeks that followed the general election, which was called for Democrat Joe Biden.

Multiple lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign in multiple states alleging voter fraud including lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Stewart announced he and other members of Utah’s congressional delegation — including Rep.-elect Burgess Owens, Rep.-elect Blake Moore, Rep. John Curtis and Sen Mike Lee — will participate in a fundraiser Monday to raise money for the Georgia Senate races.

“Again, we need your help,” Stewart repeated in the video. “If you donate, I will match up to $10,000. Together, we can make a difference. None of us will keep a penny of this. This is all going to Georgia to these critical races.”

“They’re pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into this race,” he added. “We have to do the same thing.”

More information about Stewart’s fundraising efforts are available at

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