Biden References Nazi Propaganda as he Attacks Hawley and Cruz

78-year-old Joe Biden on Friday referenced Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels as he attacked Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.

Biden compared GOP Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to Nazis because they supported President Trump and his “election falsehoods.”

Both Hawley and Cruz exercised their Constitutional right when they objected to Biden’s fraudulent electors this week when Congress convened in a joint session.

Biden compared them to Goebbels and said, “It’s the Big Lie. The Big Lie.”

Senator Hawley responded:

“President-elect Biden has just compared me and another Republican Senator to Nazis. You read that correctly. Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in. Because I raised questions in the format prescribed by the laws of the United States about the way elections were conducted in the state of Pennsylvania, just as Democrats did about other states in 2001, 2005, and 2017, he is calling me a Nazi. This is undignified, immature, and intemperate behavior from the President-elect. It is utterly shameful. He should act like a dignified adult and retract these sick comments. And every Democrat member of congress should be asked to disavow these disgusting comments.”

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