Biden Lies, People Die: Gun Control Isn’t Going to Fix the BLM Crime Wave

Daniel Greenfield, The BLM crime wave is bad. It’s so bad that the issue is starting to show up in local elections. Like New York City’s mayoral race. Polls showing that growing numbers of voters are worried about crime.

The Biden administration used its media to hype some sort of plan to take on the crime wave. No one was too surprised when instead of dealing with crime, the White House pivoted back to the only crime issue that lefties still care about, gun control.

Gun control isn’t fixing this.

There were no major gun laws that changed in 2020. What did change was that the Black Lives Matter riots and the political penetration of the culture by critical race theory pushed police defunding.

While blue cities and states locked down, they also freed thousands of criminals, and stopped arresting them.

The violent hellhole of ‘George Floyd Square’ that local residents are fleeing was not caused by gun laws. And cracking down on “federally licensed gun dealers”, Biden’s big proposal, aside from the general unconstitutionality, won’t change a damn thing over there.

Let’s take this recent horrifying murder as a good example of the kind of violence caused by “criminal justice reform”.

Joel Arciniega-Saenz, 25, was arrested on first-degree murder charges in the death of James Garcia at Apodaca Park on June 20, KFOX 14 of El Paso, Texas, reported. He allegedly said he dragged Garcia’s body to the street and kicked the victim’s severed head at 14 cars. Investigators found the head yards away from his body. The suspect is also accused of severing one of Garcia’s middle fingers.

You don’t need a gun when you’re beheading a man. Cracking down on gun dealers won’t fix this. But the familiar backstory shows how to fix it.

Arciniega-Saenz was previously arrested in 2017 for the shooting death of Benjamin Montoya, 21, but the charges were later dismissed when a key witness was found with a gun of the same caliber as the one used to kill Montoya, according to KDBC-TV in El Paso.

Montoya’s sister told KDBC that when she read the suspect had allegedly confessed to Garcia’s murder, it made her “angry.”

Arciniega-Saenz was also arrested last month for vandalizing businesses in Las Cruces but was released again.

The Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office told KFOX it “diligently argued to keep this guy in jail on the most recent charges for vandalizing Beck’s Coffee House, but the District Court Judge Wingenroth ‘didn’t find him dangerous’ and released him on a $2,000 bond.”

Most of the murders and attempted murders leading the BLM crime wave follow the same pattern.

1. A career criminal going back and forth through a revolving door justice system

2. Repeated warnings by victims, family members, and law enforcement that he was dangerous

There’s one approach and only one to stopping this crime wave. We tried it in the 90s. It worked.

Lock up career criminals. Keep them locked up. Especially those with gang ties. This is what happens when you don’t.

Biden and the Democrats refuse to address that because they’re responsible for this nightmare. Police defunding is just the tip of the iceberg. The massive jailbreak of criminals, ending bail, treating monsters like Saenz like a persecuted class, releasing criminals the day they’re arrested, and terrorizing the justice system is what did this.

The only thing more gun laws will do is prevent the potential victims of Democrat criminals from defending themselves.

And that’s what Biden really wants.