Biden Honored Ukrainian Prosecutor Who Gave Him a Pass

Daniel Greenfield, Corrupt politician hands anti-corruption award to the man who didn’t investigate his corruption.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., the most corrupt man to occupy his current chair in the White House whose last name doesn’t begin with a ‘C’, announced a war on corruption.

In other countries.

Earlier this year, a memo signed by Biden declared that fighting corruption was a core national security interest. While fighting corruption is a laudable goal, unlike immigration, it’s not central to our national security. The Biden administration’s cabinet is one long table of conflicts of interest and his giant spending bills are all about rewarding donors and political allies.

If you take Biden’s memo seriously, his administration is a national security threat.

That’s true in more ways than one since his newfound interest in fighting corruption looks a lot like a corrupt reboot of Obama’s regime change policies in Latin America and the Middle East.

The Biden administration has committed to a Soros-like campaign to undermine non-Marxist and non-Islamist governments by funding activists, media, and prosecutors to go after them. Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala kickstarted the use of regime change under the guise of fighting corruption by the most corrupt White House administration in this millennium.

Turning the State Department into an adjunct of Soros’ Open Society octopus would be bad enough, but Biden can’t resist tainting anything he touches, not just politically, but personally.

Biden’s corruption is as much a part of him as his random word salad rejoinders and his groping hands so when his crooked administration decided to hand out anti-corruption awards, they had to be about protecting the corruption of the guy handing out the anti-corruption awards.

When the State Department named the recipients of its International Anticorruption Champions Award, there alongside the head of Libya’s oil company, an anti-Modi activist in India, and a political opponent of Guatemala’s conservative president who kept his victims in a cage and who has since fled to seek asylum with the Biden regime, was Ukraine’s Ruslan Ryaboshapka.

Ryaboshapka, Ukraine’s former prosecutor-general, would only be familiar to Americans because he was responsible for deciding whether to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

“I specifically asked prosecutors to check especially carefully those facts about Biden’s alleged involvement. They answered that there was nothing of the kind,” Ryaboshapka had previously claimed.

Ruslan Ryaboshapk even went so far as to claim in one interview that he had been fired for not investigating Biden during the Burisma probe. That makes the award corrupt even by the low standards of the Democrats whose elected and unelected officials keep being indicted for corruption. There’s nothing quite so corrupt as honoring the man who didn’t nail your family to the wall for the allegations of corruption that the FBI is carefully pretending to investigate.

But the one thing you can always count on Biden to do is to take anything and make it worse.

Before becoming a prosecutor, Ryaboshapka had worked for Transparency International, which is funded by the State Department. Biden’s State Department is awarding the work of a man whom it may have directly or indirectly funded even before he took on a prosecutorial role.

Ryaboshapka now runs a new organization: the Center for National Sustainability and Development. No information appears to be available regarding the Center’s donors, but USAID is soliciting more grants to fight corruption in the Ukraine. It’s not too implausible to speculate that the Biden administration will at some point be funding Ryaboshapka’s new organization if it isn’t funding it already.

Ryaboshapka had already been investigated over the $540,000 house in France where his wife and children allegedly live. Meanwhile his wife, Olesia Bartovshchuk, is said to work for the European Court of Human Rights.

Throwing money at a corrupt system to fight corruption is like drilling holes in a boat to get the water out or encouraging Biden to make appearances with young women in the hope he won’t grope them as long as enough cameras are being pointed at him on the White House lawn.

It’ll never work.

And Biden, who has more clouds hanging over his head than Seattle, is spectacularly unfit to investigate anyone’s corruption, especially in a country that was supposed to be investigating his son who was receiving $83,000 a month while serving on the board of the Burisma energy company. At least before Hunter had to leave behind Ukraine’s thriving energy business to launch an art career selling his chicken scratchings as art for as much as $500,000 each.

Say what you will about Hunter, he’s as qualified to be an artist or a memoirist as he was a Ukrainian company board member. But sadly, the one thing he’s qualified to do, smoke crack and solicit prostitutes, is the one thing that not even Biden’s cronies will pay him to do.

Joe Biden, like his son, is absolutely shameless. Behind his gibberish and outraged tantrums is a man who will try anything, from plagiarism to public groping of young girls, without ever admitting that he did anything wrong. In his nearly half century in public office, Biden has proven that there is nothing he will not do. And Hunter has followed proudly in his father’s footsteps.

While the farce of Biden honoring a public official who didn’t nail his family to the wall with an International Anticorruption Champions Award is past, the future of his war on corruption appears equally suspect and tainted by political conflicts of interest. Biden’s corrupt clan and his radical political allies may want to use the fight against corruption to impose regime change.

But no one is buying it.

The Biden administration is conveniently championing its fight against corruption in countries that have either conservative governments or convenient industries with ties to its donors.

That’s not a fight against corruption, that is corruption.

But only Biden could corrupt anti-corruption and launch an international campaign against corruption even while the FBI is continuing a money laundering investigation of his son.

A Biden international anti-corruption effort is a laughably corrupt farce that only an equally corrupt media could take seriously. International observers understand perfectly well that the only recourse to a Biden anti-corruption crusade is either disdain or bribery.

And where will those bribes be coming from?

The press release for Biden’s anti-corruption memorandum warned that “Corruption threatens U.S. national security by eroding citizens’ faith in government”.

That’s true. And there’s no better example of that than Joe Biden.

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