Biden Doesn’t Know the Difference Between an Abrams Tank and a Septic Tank

D.W. Wilber, During his address to the American people about the withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Afghanistan, Joe Biden bounced back and forth between blaming his predecessor President Trump for the failure, and then claiming that it was actually a great success. It sure can’t be both.

One is reminded of during the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Iraqi who was jokingly called “Baghdad Bob,” the comical spokesperson for Saddam Hussein’s regime who told us repeatedly that things were just peachy and Saddam’s army was defeating the Americans right as American tanks were rolling into Baghdad and knocking down Saddam’s statues.

Fox News TV personality Greg Gutfeld described Biden’s speech the best when he said it was like “polishing a turd.” Either way, Biden’s speech was far from the truth – something that Joe Biden has had trouble with throughout his political career.

Joe Biden has been a politician for 50 years now, so he is well-versed in stretching the truth as they say in “Washington-Speak,” which is simply known to the rest of us in fly-over country as “lying.” His past record of plagiarism aside, considering his lengthy career in politics he’s definitely told some real whoppers over the years. His claims of multiple college degrees, college scholarship offers that were misrepresented, and his scholastic record claims have all been found to be false. And certainly not “misremembered” as he would like to claim, but just lies he told to try to further his career in politics.

As VP under Barack Obama, he described the passing of the “ObamaCare” legislation, which has caused irreparable damage to America’s once world leading health care system as a “big ‘freaking’ deal”. It certainly was “a big ‘freaking’ deal,” but saying that it was an improvement of our health care system was indeed a whopper. A huge lie perpetrated against all of the American people, and one we haven’t recovered from yet.

I’m sure that the personal tragedies Biden has experienced in his life – the loss of his wife, daughter, and a son – made a profound impact on him, and understandably so. But, for him to try to equate himself and the loss of his son Beau who died of cancer, with the Gold Star parents who lost loved ones as a direct result of Biden’s ineptness, his stubbornness, and his lies as Commander-in-Chief is indefensible. Joe Biden’s son did indeed serve in Iraq as a military lawyer. He was NOT a combat commander. Nor did he lead any patrols out in the streets of Baghdad, or get into any firefights outside the relatively safe confines of the Green Zone or one of the other large military bases in Iraq. Yes, his military service was certainly honorable, but he didn’t die as a result of combat. Joe Biden needs to quit using his son’s death from cancer to try to connect with people who have lost sons, daughters, husbands, and wives to ill-conceived and poorly planned military operations that Joe Biden is ultimately responsible for.

Joe Biden has been caught in so many lies over the years that it’s difficult to catalogue them all. It’s as though he just throws dung up against a wall and sees if it sticks, never expecting to actually be called out on them by a complicit news media. But throwing dung up against a wall and calling it an art masterpiece, just as calling the failure he is responsible for in Afghanistan a “success” is another big whopping lie. A lie told by Joe Biden, the man who has edged out Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama as the very worst president in American history. I know it’s a tough call between the three of them for who is worst, but the withdrawal from Afghanistan the way it was ordered by Biden, and the resulting deaths of American service members for which Joe Biden is responsible, pushes him over the top of Carter and Obama as worst president in U.S. history. Interestingly, all three are Democrats by the way. What’s that tell you about the quality of people who the Democrats continually nominate to be president?

And, as far as his lack of any real knowledge of military strategy is concerned, not to mention his declining mental state, Joe Biden should never again have the final word on any military operations that put American service members in harm’s way.  He doesn’t know the difference between an Abrams Tank and a septic tank.