Biden Appeases Putin, Media Falsely Claims Biden is Tough On Him

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Daniel Greenfield, Pathetic. Biden ran promising to return to Russia’s scam START arms control treaty which it repeatedly violated and which President Trump had promised to get us out of.

Now Biden is crawling back into it with a five-year agreement with no preconditions where Putin had been willing to settle for at least a one-year extension.

That’s the equivalent of offering a used car salesman $50,000 for a 1989 Chevy that he was offering for $1,000.

Naturally, the media has to spin this as Biden getting tough with Putin.

“In first call with Putin, Biden marks a return to skepticism from the top,” the Washington Post

State propaganda from the Amazon CEO’s paper is always hilarious. Democracy does die in darkness.

The AP coverage is at least moderately professional. I’m sure that will change in time as the echo chamber keeps being rebuilt.

According to the White House, Biden raised concerns about the arrest of opposition figure Alexei Navalny, Russia’s alleged involvement in a massive cyber espionage campaign and reports of Russian bounties on American troops in Afghanistan. The Kremlin, meanwhile, focused on Putin’s response to Biden’s proposal to extend the last remaining U.S.-Russia arms control treaty.

Putin is talking about what Biden wants to give him. Biden raising concerns about bounties or Solar Winds doesn’t matter because it’s not backed by any action.

It’s like lecturing the used car salesman about his ethics before you give him $50,000 for the Chevy anyway. That’s typical Democrat failed diplomacy.

Here’s how the state propaganda press at the Washington Post tries to spin it, “President Biden laid out a bill of complaint against Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, airing allegations of human rights abuses, cyberspying and more while making a hard pivot away from the deference that former president Donald Trump often displayed toward Russia.”

Hard pivot.

President Trump actually defended America’s interests by refusing to return to the fake arms control treaty. Meanwhile, Biden makes meaningless statements about Russia while giving Putin everything he wants.

In his first phone call with Putin, President Trump blasted the START treaty as a bad deal that gave Moscow a free ride.

And he tried to get us out of it. Meanwhile Biden will help Russia build up its nuclear arsenal while limiting ours and his state propaganda press will call it getting tough.

Biden Admin Returns to Bashing Israel

The Biden administration marked a sharp departure from the pro-Israel policies of the Trump administration.

Richard Mills, nominated as the Deputy UN Ambassador, quickly got back to the usual program of pushing a fake “peace” with the terrorists and bashing Israel.

“Under the new administration, the policy of the United States will be to support a mutually agreed two-state solution, one in which Israel lives in peace and security alongside a viable Palestinian state. This vision, as I know we have just heard, though under serious stress, remains the best way to ensure Israel’s future as a democratic and Jewish state, while upholding the Palestinian people’s legitimate aspirations for a state of their own and to live with dignity and security,” Mills declared at the UN Security Council.

All of these are generic talking points for the same disastrous attempt to create a terrorist state that has killed thousands of people and terrorized Israel.

Then Mills shifted to more tangible policy prescriptions. “Israeli and Palestinian politics are fraught, and trust between the two sides is at a nadir. However, these realities do not relieve Member States of the responsibility of trying to preserve the viability of a two-state solution. Nor should they distract from the imperative of improving conditions on the ground, particularly the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.”

What this means, translated from the diplomatese, is that the US and UN members have to “preserve the viability of a two-state solution” by pressuring Israel and fighting against Israel’s attempts to stabilize its territorial and security situation. It also means opposing Jews living in parts of Israel claimed by Islamic terrorists.

That’s actual apartheid and segregation.

Mills also endorsed a push to relieve the fictional “humanitarian crisis in Gaza” which means lowering Israeli restrictions on Hamas which controls Gaza.

Hamas is the local terrorist arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mills then states that, ” the United States will urge Israel’s government and the Palestinian Authority to avoid unilateral steps that make a two-state solution more difficult, such as annexation of territory, settlement activity, demolitions, incitement to violence, and providing compensation for individuals imprisoned for acts of terrorism.”

The campaign to stop “unilateral steps” is invariably directed at Israel. The first three points, two of them involving Jews living in parts of Israel claimed by the terrorists, e.g. settlement activity, while the latter two involve the PLO’s Palestinian Authority.

Equating people living in their homes with terrorism is already twisted. Terrorism is not a “unilateral” step. It’s an effort to murder people. And is illegal under United States law.

The Biden administration is proposing to keep giving money to the terrorists, and then to try to trade restrictions on Jews living in Judea and Samaria, for the PLO/PA refraining from killing Jews.

That’s how twisted this is.

Mills then states, “President Biden has been clear in his intent to restore U.S. assistance programs that support economic development and humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people and to take steps to re-open diplomatic missions that were closed by the last U.S. administration. We do not view these steps as a favor to the Palestinian leadership. U.S. assistance benefits millions of ordinary Palestinians and helps to preserve a stable environment that benefits both Palestinians and Israelis.”

These programs fund terrorism and these missions serve as outposts for terrorism. That not only benefits the mythical “Palestinian” settler population,  but terrorists.

Finally, Mills states, “We recognize that Arab-Israeli normalization is not a substitute for Israeli-Palestinian peace.”

The Biden administration distinguishes between “peace”, by which it means supporting PLO terrorism, from actual peace between Israel and the UAE, which has resulted in no violence and cultural and diplomatic ties.

How Orwellian. Terrorism is peace and peace is mere normalization.

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