Intel Update: Joe Biden and DC swamp

Trump is now silent during this entire period, optics are important. Intel say’s Military operation now in focus, each Red line that is crossed there is a military action associated with it.

Moscow threatens ‘reciprocity’ over malfunctioning phone lines at New York consulate

The incident occurs while officials in Moscow speculate about Russia’s place in the world under President Joe Biden.
Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light.

Our military intel contact said his info fits Isaac’s bankers’ timing for liquidity shotgun (& T4B) start next Mon-Tues 25-26 Jan;
. He also said the 2 Baghdad suicide bombers who killed 32 Iraqis yesterday Thu 1/21 ( was Deep State Iranian/ISIS retaliation for the RV being pushed out now in Iraq & globally, said he’s praying mercy on those killed by the Deep State satanist psychopaths and families left behind . . . unbelievable how cruel they are same ones part of those who stole the election and are propping up Biden and DC swamp he said;
. He also said there’s lots of activity today moving things forward toward too bond seller recipient accounts being made liquid over the weekend, DoD orders went out at 12:20 pm & 1:20 pm EST today Fri 22 Jan; he said those orders also are moving things forward toward arresting the swamp in DC too (he could not give more details for security); also said yes Biden EOs are not recorded in the Federal Register because govt employees responsible know they will be implicated in the treason of Biden administration and arrested & prosecuted in military tribunals with the rest of the swamp coming very soon;
. He said hang in there, pray, and enjoy the show coming over the next several days

I saw the EO’s – ALL dated 1/20/21 BUT
NONE signed by Joe. Some have the White House as signature. It’s such ALL BS.
Here’s some notes I took from yesterday that someone put out on their show. I just wrote the notes – some comments are hilariously funny. And I believe most likely ….. TRUE. Some of these notes already known. Hope you all have a good laugh!
The info here are true facts that came from people inside the
Trump administration.

*On the evening of 11/3/20 and into the morning and day of 11/4/20, the heads of the US Military and Trump watched LIVE the election fraud switching votes from Trump to Biden. (That’s how it works with the highest office in the nation and superior high technology from coders.)

*On 1/19/21 at 11:59 pm EST, Trump relinquished power to the military heads, to Chris Miller and Pete Gaynor. (This is the “smooth transition” that Trump spoke of.

*Early morning 1/20/21, Trump boarded Air Force 1 with the Nuclear Codes in the brief case to return to Florida as he was still President until Noon.
The military returned the brief case of the Nuclear Codes at Noon 1/20/21 to Biden. (Was it the real codes since Biden is an illegal Pres?) Now that’s funny because Biden would have to Test them to know).


* The military aircraft typically picks up incoming Presidents prior to inauguration. Biden was told to get his own private flight.

* Typically, there are incoming / outgoing communications with the new admin / Presidents. Not allot of discussion this time as Trump did leave a letter in the Oval Office desk drawer on the White House letterhead with only one sentence:
Joe, you know I won.

*Prior to inauguration, the spouses go into the White House for a tour and tea.
Not allowed this time.

*During Inauguration, Kamela had her purse / clutch resting on top of the Bible, with her hand on top of her purse.

*Joe put his hand on some Bible with an inverted cross. (That’s typically a satanic symbol).

*The Marines did not Salute Biden in passing.

*The military turned their backs on the Biden and Harris Motorcade.

*The limo carrying Biden / Harris to the White House dropped them off a block away, so they had to walk a block instead of a few steps.

*Kamela was not allowed to move in to her VP headquarters. She was told she had to wait.

*Congress was told to go home Friday 1/22/21 and not return until early Feb. (This rule may have changed.)

*All of Biden’s Executive Orders that he’s added or has taken away Trumps EO’s, are not allowed to be registered since Biden is not a legal President. Typically, they must, by law be registered. (Note: I saw EO’s in one place that showed 0 for this Commander in Thief, JB,
then saw many E0’s dated 1/20/21, but not a single one had his name on the bottom of each EO. Some just had White House.)

*Biden is not allowed access to the Pentagon nor will the military at the Pentagon give him briefings.

*Biden can make no decisions with any of the military, border security, Homeland Security or FEMA.

*There is a writ in law that a reversal can be made with an illegal president.

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