Biden Admin Attacks Jews for Reclaiming Jerusalem Buildings Seized by Muslim Occupiers

Daniel Greenfield, Unjust and unsurprising.  First, here’s what’s happening. (I’m mostly using JNS as a source because it’s got some of the best writeups of this. Avoid the JTA like a plague unless you love anti-Israel narratives.)

Thirteen Israeli police officers were injured in the clashes, including one who was hospitalized, Army Radio reported. The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that more than 200 rioters were injured. The riots were the latest in a series of disturbances that erupted in the city on Friday night, resulting in 18 officers and nearly 300 rioters being injured over the weekend.

At the Lions’ Gate, a group of rioters hurled rocks at an Israeli vehicle from close range, opening its doors and attempting to attack its occupants. During the driver’s attempt to escape, the car mounted the sidewalk, striking one of the assailants. The rioters then set on the vehicle, at which point an Israeli police officer arrived on the scene, firing in the air to disperse the rioters.

Speaking at the state memorial ceremony on Mount Herzl for the Ethiopian Jews who died on their way to Israel, Netanyahu noted, “It is the struggle between intolerance and tolerance, between law-breaking violence and law and order. This struggle is not new, because it has been waged, in effect, over Jerusalem and the heart of Jerusalem for hundreds of years, since the rise of the three monotheistic faiths.”

The pretext for some of the violence, besides the celebration of the reunification and liberation of Jerusalem, is that buildings in Jerusalem which had been purchased by Jews, and then illegally seized by Muslim occupiers were finally reclaimed, as Caroline Glick notes.

The situation in Sheikh Jarrah is cut and dried. Buildings in the neighborhood that were purchased by Jews 146 years ago were illegally seized in 1948 by Jordan as its forces illegally occupied eastern, northern and southern Jerusalem in the course of the pan-Arab invasion of the nascent Jewish state. During the course of Jordan’s illegal occupation of those areas of Jerusalem, the Jordanian Registry of Enemy Property illegally leased the Jewish-owned buildings to Arab tenants.

When Israel liberated the Jordanian-occupied areas of Jerusalem in 1967, the owners of the buildings reasserted their property rights. Their ownership over the properties in Sheikh Jarrah was duly registered in Israel’s land registry in 1973. But when the owners tried to retake possession a 48-year legal battle between the owners and the squatters began, which is scheduled to finally come to an end this week.

Following a last-ditch appeal of the Jerusalem District Court ruling that ordered their forced evacuation, the Supreme Court is scheduled to issue a final—and unappealable—ruling on the issue this week. The current Arab violence in Sheikh Jarrah and surrounding areas of Jerusalem has been incited by Hamas. It serves a dual purpose. It invents a rationale for a new Palestinian terror onslaught against Israel. And it pressures Israeli judges, government ministers and police commanders to weigh the possibility of discriminating against the Jewish owners in the hopes of stymying Hamas’s declared plan to renew its terror offensive.

AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and the Democrat Left have all come out in favor of the Muslim colonial occupation of the buildings.

Now the Biden administration is also pressuring Israel.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan spoke with his Israeli counterpart on Sunday and expressed “serious concerns about the situation in Jerusalem,” pointing to violence that occurred at the Temple Mount during Ramadan and the eviction of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

He also reiterated “the United States’ serious concerns about the potential evictions of Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood,” according to a readout of the call.

“Mr. Sullivan encouraged the Israeli government to pursue appropriate measures to ensure calm during Jerusalem Day commemorations,” Horne’s statement read,

Note the description of Arabs in East Jerusalem as “Palestinians”. All part of the broader post-Trump reset by Biden Inc.

We’re back to the usual state of affairs with an anti-Israel administration supporting riots and terrorism against Israel, while pressuring the Jewish State to give in to the Jihad.

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