Beginning of an invasion? Russians: Ukrainian drone kills civilians

Vassilis Kapoulas, A 5-year-old girl was killed by the use of a Ukrainian UAV, the Russians report, “photographing” the Turkish Bayraktar TB2, while a Ukrainian soldier was killed as he hit a mine which blew him up at the line of contact with Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine.

Russians: A 5-year-old girl was killed by a Ukrainian drone
In a last-minute development, Russian media are very high on the death of a 5-year-old girl from a Ukrainian drone in Donetsk. Is this the reason for the new Russian invasion?

The incident is said to have taken place in the Oleksandrivka region, a village between Marinka and the southwestern suburbs of Donetsk.

The Russians clearly speak of the use of UAV Bayrakltar TB2 as they report that “Ukrainian UAV flew and bombed the Donetsk region. There were two citizens at that moment. As a result of their act, a little girl born in 2016 was killed and a woman born in 1954 was injured, who was taken to the hospital “.

At 25 km from the Ukrainian border the Belarusians
At 25 km from the Ukrainian border, the Belarusian forces are in a rather unexpected development as the movements of forces continued late last night.

Military phalanxes were found in the area of ​​Ohovo and in the town of Gomel a “breath” from the border with Ukraine

Late last night, a surprise exercise was ordered by Belarusian paratroopers who landed in the Brestsky area just 30 km from Ukraine and 3 from Poland.

In addition, two Russian Il-76 aircraft of the 38th Airborne Guards Brigade landed in the Baranovichi area of ​​Belarus, 130 km from the Ukrainian border.

Russian S-300s were spotted near the Ukrainian border
A Russian military phalanx with S-300 anti-aircraft systems was located near the Ukrainian border as part of a Southern Military District readiness exercise.

Russia continues to transfer forces with extinguished unit insignia, area as you can see in the photos

At the same time, a new deployment of Russian forces was detected in the Crimean region.

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Ukraine: “We will start participating in NATO missions in the Mediterranean and Iraq”
Ukraine’s participation in NATO operations in the eastern Mediterranean and Iraq was announced by the spokesman for the General Staff of Ukraine, Colonel Andriy Pavelko.

He said Ukraine’s armed forces were to assist with NATO naval units in the eastern Mediterranean but also in Iraq, where the alliance wants to increase its presence from the 500 or so troops it maintains there to 4,000 who will receive training. of Iraqi forces.

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