Barely Coherent Pelosi Fails To Make Sense While Answering Impeachment Question

If this is the best Democrats have, they don’t have much.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the podium at her Thursday afternoon news conference on Capitol Hill, she was no doubt intending to defend the strength of Democratic articles of impeachment to the waiting media.

She sounded like she could barely convince herself.

In particular, Pelosi was asked why Democrats resorted to a morass of amorphous accusations against President Donald Trump – “abuse of power,” “obstruction of Congress” – instead of something specific, and proveable, like “bribery.” Her explanation amounted to, “because I said so.”

Not her exact words, of course. What she actually said was enough to make the curious wonder what was really in that water glass she kept sipping:

Check it out here:

“I myself am not a lawyer. Sometimes I act like one. Not as often as I act as a doctor. I practice medicine on the side without benefit of diploma, too.”

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“This is a decision that was recommended by our working together with our committee chairs, our attorneys and the rest.”

Thanks for clearing that up.

Cutting away the bizarre references to Pelosi’s apparent predilection for pretending to be various professions – whatever “I act as a doctor” means – what her answer boiled down to was, “because that’s what we decided to do.” It wasn’t exactly reassuring.

After watching that performance, Pelosi’s supporters might have been less inclined to cheer than reach for a glass of some potent, clear liquid themselves.

From her critics, the reviews were scathing.