Ban Meat by 2030 to Save the Planet

Daniel Greenfield,
I’m confused.

i thought the planet was going to be destroyed in 12 years. Can’t we just have a few burgers in our final years on the planet?

With livestock production contributing to climate change, people need to drastically reduce how much meat they eat to help stave off ecological disaster, a group of scientists warn.

In a letter published in the Lancet Planetary Health, more than 50 scientists recommend setting 2030 as the peak year for meat consumption, after which it needs to drop dramatically.

Let me guess, that’s going to be accomplished by pricing meat out of the reach of anyone except Leonardo DeCaprio, Prince Harry, Jane Fonda, Sally Field, and Al Gore, while pushing soy on everyone else.

For the planet.

The names on this include Abhishek Chaudhary, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, and, Helen Harwatt, Animal Law & Policy Program, Harvard Law School.

Because you know, scientists.

“The general trends are, high-income countries are nutritionally better off, are generally overconsuming calories, and are consuming large quantities of animal based foods, often at levels higher than what is recommended for their health,” said Martin Heller, a research specialist at the Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan and a signatory to the letter.


Watch for that word, you’re going to see it often as lefties start prying food out of your mouth. The kulaks in the USSR were also “overconsuming”. Good thing the Left took care of that with a massive famine. Call this one a planetary famine. Starve for your global warming sins.

The average resident in Tanzania, Ghana, Pakistan, Indonesia or Haiti consumed less than 25 pounds of meat in 2018, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In 2018, the typical American consumed nearly 10 times that amount of meat.

Starve, little Billy. In Africa, children are going hungry. So you should too. Here’s a soy burger instead. It has the same nutrional value as grass and it will increase your risk of cancer.

For the planet.

A UN study found that a sustainable level of meat consumption amounts to about half of current levels. For an individual, that works out to about one hamburger a week.

“In my own menu choices, I’m not a vegetarian — I do eat meat,” Heller said. “I just make that a rare occasion, and even having a burger is kind of a special treat, not an everyday occurrence.”

Here’s the future the environmentalists want for us.

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