Attorney: Religious liberty matters

Chris Woodward ,
A new book aims to help people of faith understand why religious liberty matters, how it is threatened, and how they should respond.

“I’m a Christian, and I’ve been working on religious freedom cases for over a decade at Becket,” says attorney Luke Goodrich, author of Free to Believe: The Battle Over Religious Liberty in America. “I have four Supreme Court victories and lots of victories in the lower courts, and I realized after doing this for a decade that a lot of Christians don’t have a deep knowledge of religious freedom. And a lot of Christians aren’t aware of what is coming in our culture.”

Goodrich says he wrote Free to Believe to answer three questions:

“Number one, why does religious freedom matter, and where does it come from,” he begins. “Number two, how is religious freedom threatened in our culture today; what types of conflict are we going to be seeing? And then number three, what can we as Christians do to protect religious freedom?”

Goodrich goes on to say that Christians often think about religious freedom first and foremost as a political issue, a legal issue, or a constitutional issue, when in reality, it is a biblical and theological issue.

“So, I go back to scripture first and unpack where does religious freedom come from and why does it matter,” he shares.

Goodrich’s Supreme Court victories include Burwell v Hobby Lobby, which protected family business owners from being forced to violate their faith.

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