Arizona Officials Increase the Number of Tables at Coliseum to Speed Up Forensic Audit

After the shift workers left the coliseum on Thursday, staff moved in and doubled the number of processing tables there. They must be wanting to speed things up.

You can now see that where there were 5 tables for yellow T-shirt workers there are now at least 11 new tables for yellow T-shirt election workers.

Speaking About News

There were 2.1 million ballots delivered to the center from Maricopa County.

Audit Director Ken Bennett said earlier this week that the audit is on pace to be completed by the deadline.

President Trump at Mar-a-Lago: “Let’s See What They Find… You’ll Watch Pennsylvania…Georgia… Michigan… Wisconsin…New Hampshire!”

President Trump spoke this week at his home in Mar-a-Lago about the ongoing forensic audit in Arizona.

President Trump warned what was coming next following the Arizona audit.

President Trump: “Now let’s see what they find… you’ll watch Pennsylvania…Georgia… Michigan… Wisconsin…New Hampshire. They found a lot of votes up in New Hampshire JUST NOW…”