Are You Ready To Take Back Control Of The Country? The Silent Majority Will Reign

The Central Bank Attempt To Stop The Transition Will Fail, People Are Waking Up ! As soon as the Biden administration took office, companies already had plans to move their manufacturing plants out of the country.

GM will build electric vehicles in Mexico, leaving American workers jobless. The Central Bank is pushing global taxes, this about control and removing competition. Deep State are doing everything they can to stop the transition, but this will fail.

The Deep State/DS is now becoming more desperate than ever before, but the patriots are continually dripping out information and the DS/MSM are scrambling to sweep it under the rug.

By raiding RG they are bringing Hunter’s Laptop back into the news.

John Kerry is in the spotlight for treasons acts. The audit is continuing and the DS is doing everything to stop it.

The people are ready to take back their country, the silent majority will reign.