Are the Russians Trying to Help Corbyn and the Left Win in UK?

The media has responded to the UK elections by pushing the same discredited conspiracy theories about Russian backing for conservatives as they have in the US. These theories depend on assorted meaningless internet nonsense, while ignoring more tangible developments.

Reddit said today that a leak of official US-UK trade documents that took place on its platform was the work of Russian operatives part of a long-running political influence campaign.

The leak occurred in late October when a Reddit user named Gregoratior published multiple files from the ongoing US-UK trade talks taking place in the Trade and Investment Working Group (TIWG).

The files were proven to be authentic after the UK Labour Party used excerpts from the 451-page release in its campaign for the ongoing UK general elections, scheduled to take place next week, on December 12.

The leaked documents showed the intentions of the UK Conservative Party to make available for sale the state-funded National Health Service (NHS) in an attempt to get favorable terms from the US side. The documents were a boon for the opposing Labour party, who capitalized on the leak to boost its pre-vote standings.

That was a huge development. It turned Labour’s position from ‘struggling’ to ‘rising’.

Russia’s involvement in the leak of the documents would make it rather clear that it would like to see a Corbyn government. Of course the same media that has been claiming that the Russians are behind Boris Johnson has little interest in drawing the obvious conclusions even when they’re right in front of it. The single biggest foreign influence operation in the election strongly helped Corbyn.

That’s not surprising.

Corbyn is an old style lefty and the Russians have been running them for years. He’s been tangled with the usual Russian axis of Iran and assorted Marxists. All that makes him far more congenial a choice than Boris Johnson.

And that takes us back to the US. You’ve heard the media repeatedly claim that Russian influence operations aided Trump. What you haven’t heard the media discuss is that they touted Bernie Sanders. And Sanders is just a poor American copy of Corbyn, right down to introducing his own government internet plan not long after Corbyn’s internet plan. The same socialist activists and groups support both.

Did the Russians have any issues with Hillary, or did they place a sensible long-term bet on the Sandernistas being a better choice? Unlike Hillary, I suspect Bernie is a much cheaper date. Fly him to Vladivostok, ply him with booze, and get him singing some old red songs.

Comrades gotta stick together.

No Uranium One size payouts. No having to navigate every single operative in Clintonworld. The Bernie bench is stacked with radicals, rather than career professionals. And there’s plenty of that sort around Corbyn too.

Why bother electing a president or prime minister, when you can transform a party?