Are Soros and Dems Using Drug Legalization to Inflate Voter Rolls?

Daniel Greenfield,

I hate to say it, but there’s a huge creativity gap between conservatives and lefties. One of the reasons we are where we are today is just how many angles they come up with. Losing an election doesn’t stop them. They find a hundred different other strategies. There are wheels within wheels and the onion keeps getting peeled. Meanwhile conservatives think in terms of elections.

Take this onion.

Los Angeles moved this week to dismiss nearly 66,000 marijuana convictions, years after the state voted to legalize the drug.

The county is working with a not-for-profit technology organization, Code for America, to use algorithms to identify eligible cases within decades-old court documents.

Prosecutors this week asked a superior court judge to dismiss 62,000 felony cannabis convictions for cases that date back to 1961. The district attorney’s office also sought the dismissal of approximately 4,000 misdemeanor cannabis possession cases.

California voters approved eliminating some pot-related crimes and wiping out past criminal convictions or reducing felonies to misdemeanors when they legalized marijuana in 2016.

But there was no easy way to identify an estimated 200,000 cases statewide. Convicts had to file petitions on their own to get their records changed or hire lawyers for help with the process.

Code for America has offered its Clear My Record technology free to all 58 state district attorneys.

With the latest action, Code for America will have helped dismiss more than 85,000 marijuana convictions in five counties including LA, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Joaquin and Contra Costa, officials said.

With that many cases, there’s no way to begin challenging this without access to equivalent technology. And it goes without saying that what’s left of the GOP in California doesn’t have the technology or the willpower to even begin tackling something on this scale.

Combine Code for America with Soros DAs and the voter rolls will flood with newly legalized voters. All thanks to drug legalization.

And, at this scale, there’s no way to know if the felons getting whitewashed even qualify. No one is going to deal with tens of thousands of cases. The legal resources for this don’t exist on the side of law and order.

Who funds Code for America?

Other backers include the John S and James L Knight Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Open Society Foundation.

That spells S O R O S.

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