Is Apple doing an update on all phones to shut off the emergency broadcast system?

Lin wood, “Apple is going to do an update on all phones to shut off the emergency broadcast system. This is Nazi Germany 1938,” the alleged text read.

According to the attorney, Trump is “acting lawfully” to “save our freedom.”

  • Wood said that the vice-president could be arrested and executed for treason

Wood has drawn scrutiny for his recent comments on the election and attacks on Vice President Mike Pence, who he suggested should be arrested for treason and face execution for opposing Trump’s plan to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

L. Lin Wood, a conservative lawyer and US President

Donald Trump’s ally, has rejected questions about his sanity after he tweeted that Vice-President Mike Pence should face a firing squad.
The lawyer, who has litigated numerous failed attempts to overturn the result of the 2020 US election, posted a Twitter thread on Friday afternoon.

He wrote about how those who believe the election was stolen have focused on Democrats, the CIA, and “globalists.”

Wood then said that “one of the main participants” had been overlooked – the Republicans.

(2) We have also learned that the Globalists like George Soros & the Elitists like Bill Gates were involved. CIA too (no surprise – military industrial complex).It all seemed so clear we overlooked one of the main participants in the theft of the election:


He then proceeded to call for senior Republicans and a conservative-leaning judge to be arrested.

Insurrection Act has been signed, The day we have all been waiting for

Then, in reply to a tweet, Wood suggested that Pence should be executed by firing squad.

Nevertheless, the pro-Trump lawyer has brushed off concerns about his state of mind.

“The tweets about my insanity are at an all-time high this morning. Wonder why?” he tweeted. “No worries. I am fine. The attacks do not concern me.”

According to former colleagues described Wood as someone “who shares many traits” with the president, including his opposition to mainstream media —

which he also uses to build his brand — and his penchant for intimidating enemies with lawsuits and shocking the people around him. The publication pointed to lawyers who have worked alongside Wood who said that he is “animated and aggressive” both in the courtroom and in his everyday life.

Wood’s recent behavior has led to his removal from various social media platforms. After being temporarily suspended from Twitter for inciting violence, he was permanently banned from the platform for promoting the riots that took over the U.S. Capitol. Elsewhere, Parler removed the previously mentioned call for Pence to be executed by firing squads.

Wood’s recent clients include controversial figures like Kyle Rittenhouse, Nicholas Sandmann, and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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