An American Standoff

Dave Merrick, 

 With the recent shootings of the two wannabe terrorists in Garland, Texas, the point is perfectly illustrated – AGAIN – that Islam is indeed the universal, impromptu terror machine for all seasons. The Quran is the demonic* handbook that packages ‘militant Islam’ thinly veiled in the text along with an obfuscating ‘peaceful Islam’ (which is just a religious-looking sham to force Westerners to treat Islamists as ‘church people’).

*[Author’s Note: If the word ‘demonic’ seems harsh or inflammatory, it is, nonetheless, accurate. As a Christian, I am under contract with Jesus to tell the WHOLE uncomfortable truth – without mincing words – regarding this cult that denies even the death and reserrection of our Savior. I can’t water down the lies of the adversary just because his emissaries threaten the lives of those who expose him.]

Carefully orchestrated studies have shown that Muslims are infiltrating modern civilization just as innocuously as a troop of Girl Scouts selling cookies. They first push the story that they worship the same God everyone else does–just in a different way. Recruiting is currently booming, especially among high school and college kids looking for adventure and their own fifteen minutes of fame before freaked-out parents and peers. Prior to their ‘conversion,’ they often were sweet, marginal Catholics, Lutherans, or Baptists. But, suddenly they are wearing beanies or burqas and sporting big fat paperback Qurans!


 Spoiled Western girls (who’ve never been beaten or used as servile, subordinate maids/baby-makers) love their attention-getting veils – and the ‘awesome dudes’ are digging their beards and headgear for the same reason.

An Islamic takeover is happening before our eyes, at light speed. As in other non-muslim nations, the numbers of Muslims rapidly increase without much fanfare. It’s a fad, tailor-made for naive people looking for a twisted version of romance and adventure. The police are often told by politically correct city officials to just leave the Muslims to themselves, ignoring recent history and common sense (for fear of giving even the appearance of religious persecution or ‘profiling’).

What America doesn’t want to wake up to is the nightmare of the cancer that has already engulfed most of Europe–and much of what’s left of the ‘free world.’

For example, Islam in London or Paris was once looked upon as a normal societal accessory – like one of the boroughs in New York City being predominantly Polish, Jewish, or Italian. Today, Islam is now the big, touchy elephant standing in the center of the room; and governments are tiptoeing around the nightmare of the possibility of offending that monster.

Muslims want better treatment and consideration than the churches of America that have been with us since long before Barack put us in his downline. As they grow in number, they hide behind the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom while denying the rest of us our freedom of speech. But, again, like in Paris or London, when they have grown to the point of being a bullying plurality, we will suddenly have squads of strident volunteer ‘sharia enforcement’ weirdos running around telling women how short their skirts can be and sniffing for alcohol.

You can do handstands being politically correct in dealing with the Islamic presence – but don’t insult and endanger the rest of us by perpetuating the stupid notion that Muslims are no different from other American religions. I mean, when was the last time you heard anyone say, “You don’t want to piss off those Presbyterians! They’ll blow up your subway!”?

Islam is not a religion. It is a power/political system disguised as religion. They are here to dominate and control. It is the express purpose of Islam to make the world safe for the approaching ‘Perfect Day’ (the complete destruction of ANYTHING that isn’t Islam) when their ‘prophet’ will set up his ‘kingdom.’

The Mohammed cartoon contest was one UNIQUELY AMERICAN way to protest Islam’s complete and arrogant INTOLERANCE. Such sarcastic, rebellious – NONVIOLENT – demonstrations have been integral in building and maintaining the peculiar country that we are (when we are at our best).

And Christianity, BTW, is criticized and maligned/insulted (by a slimy world that knows Christians won’t usually fight back) infinitely more than Islam. And in that same arrogant spirit, the most recent dare is hurled at us thusly:

“The attack by the Islamic State in America is only the beginning of our efforts to establish a wiliyah [ruling authority] in the heart of our enemy …. To those who protect (Ms. Geller, the creator of the cartoon contest): this will be your only warning of housing this woman and her circus show. Everyone who houses her events, gives her a platform to spill her filth are legitimate targets. We have been watching closely who was present at this event and the shooter of our brothers.” (A terroristic threat that is treated as ‘Free Speech’ and tolerated by cowering Americans who are telling indignant Americans to hold their tongues.)

[Author’s Note: You have a standing invitation, Ms. Geller, to stage the Garland, Texas, program in my living room.]

But when ISIS announces that they have X amount of ‘trained soldiers’ in various locations here in our country, it is very likely a lie. Putting numbers and venues with the claim just naturally helps to augment an appearance of power and credibility. They are simply leaning on the fact that there is an inexhaustible supply of freelance, grandstanding ‘Muslims’ over here who want to gain acceptance into the inner lodge, by taking down anything that appears to criticize Islam or its tantrums.

In response to such grimy, nebulous threats, most of contemporary America is now lazy and spineless enough to announce to Islam and the world, “We will give you whatever you want: our respect, our deference, special rights, your sharia law, our well-meaning ignorant children, ISRAEL, etc. (oh yeah, and your own representative [effectively constituting a ‘wiliya’] in our Oval Office) … just, please, let us live in peace!”

Well, maybe there are a lot of Americans who can lie down under that bus. But, as for me, I will remain as another voice in the FREE American wilderness, crying: “It’ll be a cold day in hell.”

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