Americans Need Privacy, Not Constant Big Tech Snooping

Chris Salcedo, Everywhere you look, everything you do, someone is watching you. That sounds like paranoid sci-fi, but isn’t it true?

CCTV cameras keep an eye on you at the grocery store and at traffic lights, your social media activity is being monitored by “moderators,” and your Internet Service Provider can see what websites you visit.And now we learned that leftists are pressuring phone companies to censor text messages that might carry disinformation about the Biden administration’s response to the pandemic.

A few decades ago, we would have been outraged at this constant invasion of our privacy. What feels like a rip from the pages of Orwell’s1984has become our everyday reality. But how did we let it get this way? It’s really quite simple: we bought into a narrative of fear.

Fear of terrorism. Fear of strangers. Fear of foreign enemies. Fear of the unknown. Some of those fears are legitimate. Sadly, too many think the answer to all of these fears has been for us to put our blind trust in“Big Brother,”someone who will always watch out for bad guys, ignore our own activities, and keep us safe.But what if “Big Brother,” is the bad guy?

With more and more reports of government agencies spying on us, bad actors at corporations leaking our information, and tech companies monetizing our private information, is Big Brother looking out for us?One of the tools being used by “Big Brother,” to keep tabs on us is an item few of us can imagine living without…our smartphones.

These devices, in the hands of dedicated leftists, have been turned against you.What you type, what you watch, what you download, and what you upload are all being monitored and recorded. Did you search for the answer to an embarrassing question? A database somewhere has recorded that. Did you take pictures of your kids today? You’re not the only one who has access to those images. We rely on our phones to do so much these days, and we’re not the only ones relying on them to keep tabs on us.

Most smartphones, especially the ones created by Apple and Google, have backdoors and vulnerabilities that allow corporations to see everything you’re doing. They monetize the data that you are constantly creating. In turn they fund woke far-left causes that seek to destroy our freedoms and way of life.

We’re the customer, but they spy on us and treat us like we’re expendable because they believe they have cornered the market.

Fortunately, there are competing social media platforms and devices. These patriots remember America’s founding principles that served to make our nation the greatest that God gave man. MeWe is replacing Facebook with an emphasis on weeding out snooping and censorship. Parler is supplanting Twitter, promising never to suppress news that is detrimental to left-wing socialist-democrats. And the new Freedom Phone, from bitcoin billionaire and free speech champion Erik Finman, is supplanting Apple and Android. The Freedom Phone allows you to leverage enhanced privacy features in an effort to keep your data encrypted and away from Big Brother, keeping you in control. There’s no longer a forced choice between the two big tech giants when it comes to your phone. You finally have a choice, to control what cyberspace knows about you. The Freedom Phone also runs on its own proprietary FreedomOS and has an uncensored app store called PatriApp. It’s uncancellable, uncensorable, the smartphone equivalent of the bill of rights.

We didn’t always have the need to protect our information from corporations. We used to be able to interact with each other online, send text messages, make phone calls, take pictures, and download files without fear of a faceless corporation seeing everything we do and using it against us. In the past we didn’t have to worry about corporations selling us out because they didn’t like our politics.

Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in today. Now, corporations have turned into technological peeping Toms. Now, we have to deal with data breaches, loss of privacy, and a general feeling of always being watched.As the old expression goes, “It’s not paranoia if they are really after you.” Trust me when I say, totalitarian big tech is after you in a big way.Freedom Phones can be a first line of defense.

It’s time to stop living in a world of corporate spying and constant monitoring. Humans were meant to have private lives, and Americans should demand it. Let’s start living that way again. If we want our freedoms, we need Freedom Phones and other challengers to leftist, tech titans in Silicon Valley and Communist China. It’s time for the next big tech revolution…a return to privacy.

Chris Salcedo, is a nationally recognized radio talk show host heard on WBAP is Dallas TX and KSEV in Houston TX. He is the author of the book Liberty Rises, and the Executive Director of The Conservative Hispanic Society.