American Psychology Association: Capitalism is a Racist Disease

Daniel Greenfield,

It’s 2020 and we’ve achieved utopia.

Every institution from Fortune 500 companies to major professional associations is putting out deranged racist black nationalist screeds accompanied by unhealthy doses of Marxism. (How much is a healthy dose of Marxism? How much is a healthy dose of arsenic?) Meanwhile those associations that were already leftists are doubling down. And so the American Psychology Association would like to remind everyone that it has the same rigorous ethics and intellectual standards as a clown college.

Or maybe worse ones.

Police brutality may be what sparked a wave of protests across the United States and beyond, but the “racism pandemic”—a term used by APA President Sandra Shullman, PhD, for the ongoing harm caused by racism—runs far deeper. Today’s inequities, psychologists say, are deeply rooted in our past, and the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Racism pandemic? That’s so stupid… but wait, hold my beer.

“Every institution in America is born from the blood of white supremacist ideology and capitalism—and that’s the disease,” says Theopia Jackson, PhD, president of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi).

Born from the blood sounds pretty racial supremacist. But that’s the idea.

It’s a good thing Theopia pushes past a mere indictment of white supremacist, a term that leftist critical race theorist have successfully made meaningless, all the way to also denouncing capitalism.

American institutions were born from human labor and endeavor? Outrageous.

The APA needs to announce that its members will offer therapy for free from now on to deconstruct capitalism or be sent to the gulag of Theopia’s choice.

Meanwhile you can guess how Theopia makes her bones.

 She is an accomplished scholar-practitioner and educator who provides cultural competency workshops, seminars, and consultation. She has been invited to participate on several national and local California initiatives intended to establish integrative health care that is culturally-attuned and linguistically responsive.

Hopefully she does it for free and isn’t infected with capitalism.

Baltimore’s Little Italy Surrenders On Columbus

The media often operates as a spin machine. This is one of those times.

A racist movement decided to go after statues of the explorer who discovered America. And everyone has signed off on their historical vandalism and cultural revolution.

Here’s the closing scene from Baltimore’s Little Italy.

The City of Baltimore is officially returning the toppled Christopher Columbus statue to its original owners… The Christopher Columbus statue was gifted to the City of Baltimore in 1984 by Italian American Organization United.

On the City Board of Estimates agenda for Wednesday, it writes that the city “wishes to protect and preserve the statue for its artistic and historical significance, but recognizes that this public display on city property may not best serve those ends.”

Maybe in a basement somewhere.

Members of Baltimore’s Italian community retrieved portions of it from the water with hopes of restoring the statue.

John Pica is a former Maryland State Senator and the President of Italian American Organization United.

“We have received a lot of donations and contributions from people inside Maryland and outside Maryland, from individuals whose emotions range from concerned to being outraged at what happened,” Pica said…

“We are not going to bring the statue back to the Columbus Piazza in Little Italy. It’ll be located or relocated at a safe location,” Pica said.

Pica said moving forward, the group is working with its local councilman to possibly rename this plaza and to display a different Italian figure on the existing pedestal.

So what were those contributions going to if they’re going along with purging Columbus?

But it’s not clear that’s even happening.

The Baltimore Board of Estimates has deferred the vote on returning the toppled Columbus statue to Italian American United Organization that had donated it for 2 weeks.

The deferral request came from Mayor Jack Young, who indicted he was going to vote no.

Young, who is a lame duck mayor, spoke out strongly against the destruction at the time.

Those who recently toppled a statue of Christopher Columbus and rolled it into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor will face justice, the city’s mayor said Thursday.

Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young said Thursday he was not going to tolerate the destruction of the Christopher Columbus statue, warning those who toppled the monument near Little Italy that “if we identify them, they will be brought to justice.”

Adding that while the city supports peaceful protest, the incident was not a peaceful protest, The Baltimore Sun reported.

The mayor, who lost last month’s Democratic primary and will leave office in December, said the protesters cannot “erase history. You learn from it.” Monuments, such as ones to the 15th-century Italian explorer, “should have something there to talk about what happened in the dark past.”

What does Young want to do? Unclear.

Either way the surrender appears to be pretty thoroughly complete.

“We don’t want to cause trouble,” Pica said. “We’re going to relocate it to private property or donate it to a museum.”

Just call it, “good trouble”.

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