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American Nationals Fighting Back Against – Bill Gates And Co.

Mark Schumacher, Our brothers and sisters are starting to get the message, and nothing makes me happier. Over the years the Trenchers have led the way to and once again is fighting to become a Bill Of Rights nation. Through powerful radio shows and articles written by all of us here, our Bill Of Rights fire has been rekindled. It has taken over a decade.

Every day now our site is posting articles of Americans fighting the commie ass police, telling them “no we won’t, get out, you’re on private property”. This is the kind of stuff that sends the tears flowing. The kind of stuff we have fought so hard to see finally happen, our people fighting back, a beginning to a much larger insurrection.

WE Have had those communist flunkies try to subjugate and divide us into commie hell. It’s not going to work, the one thing these scum bags never seem to understand, is the power of our people, the strength of our resolve. Too many lives have been lost to free America from tyranny.

These scum bags we today call billionaires are going to be taught a lesson in humility, they have proven themselves to be not only cowards, but traitors who in their minds consider themselves of a higher standard, and deserve control of our world as we know it. These people in actuality are punk cowards who throw mammon at their problems, unable to cope otherwise, a lower form of human, weak and afraid of American Nationals who have to fight on a daily basis for survival.

Every human on the planet is now in a fight for their lives, fighting an enemy who holds all the gold, lives underground like punk cowards, scared to come out of their rat holes. American Nationals have been here before, and the rest of the world is watching.

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