America first! Trump supporters gathering in Atlanta #StopTheSteal

Trump supporters are not backing down!

A large amount of Trump supporters gathered outside of Georgia’s state capitol recently.

The large enthusiastic crowd decked out in pro-Trump gear started chanting “Trump!” and “we want Trump!”.

Many notable Trump supporters made appearances at the stop the steal protest which included Alex Jones, Rep. Vernon Jones, Ali Alexander, and Nick Fuentas.

The pro-Trump crowd even took a visit to Governor Kemp’s house.

Representative Vernon Jones also made an appearance

The New York Post covered the story and shared these details:

Scores of President Trump’s supporters rallied outside the Georgia Capitol building on Wednesday ahead of a late-night deadline to recount ballots that are projected to show him losing the state to Joe Biden.

The protesters waved American and Trump campaign flags and signs with messages that included “STOP THE STEAL,” according to video clips posted by local TV stations on Twitter.

Unverified clips also reportedly showed controversial talk-show host Alex Jones among a small group of mask-less protesters entering the Capitol in Atlanta.

On Monday, Jones urged his fans to “go to the capital of Georgia now and you must surround the governor’s mansion now,” according to the liberal Media Matters website.

The Daily Mail covered the story too:

Donald Trump supporters rallied outside Georgia’s Capitol building chanting ‘Stop the Steal!’ on Wednesday as the state finished its recount of ballots.

Far-right radio show host Alex Jones was part of the crowd that waved American and Trump campaign flags, many of them seen not wearing masks and ignoring social distancing guidelines.

Hundreds of people, including State Representative Vernon Jones and Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, gathered for the Stop the Steal protest that eventually poured inside the Georgia Capitol building building.

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