Amazon Web Services, Is Again Petitioning to Run Pentagon Defense Systems

 This past week Amazon Web Services (AWS) shut down Twitter competitor, Parler, because AWS didn’t like Parler’s policy of providing for free speech.  Meanwhile AWS is again petitioning to run the Pentagon’s Defense System.

We reported in July that Amazon banned censorship documentary “Killing Free Speech”:

Censorship in America: The Burning Book Has Been Replaced with the Deleted Post

Then we saw last week that Amazon Web Services (AWS) kicked Parler off its web servers, shutting the platform down:

Parler CEO John Matze: We will not cave to pressure from anti-competitive actors

This same company, AWS, is again petitioning the courts to be awarded the highly contested JEDI contract:

Amazon Web Services is taking another run at getting the court to set aside the Pentagon’s 10-year, $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract award to Microsoft.

According to an updated lawsuit filed in the Court of Federal Claims, AWS’ revised proposal – a corrective action that took place while the case was on remand — was tens of millions of dollars less than what Microsoft offered. Additionally, AWS claims the Defense Department’s choice reflects the long-standing animus of President Donald Trump toward Jeff Bezos, founder of AWS parent company Amazon.

“[T]hese errors did not occur in a vacuum,” the lawsuit states. “Instead they can be best explained as the latest manifestation of President Trump’s determination to steer the JEDI contract away from AWS.”

The revised complaint is dated Oct. 23 and was released with redactions on Dec. 15. DOD publicly announced the re-award to Microsoft on Sept. 4. The contract was originally awarded to Microsoft in October, 2019. The request for proposals was released in the summer of 2018 and the structure of the single-award enterprise cloud contract was developed the year before that.

Does it seem like a good idea to give a large defense contract to a company that shuts down other companies because it wants to?

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