Alleged “safe vaccines” have poisoned the ground and air, but they’re injecting it into your body

IT must be ironic now. They say they want to do everything for your health? Is that really what they say it is? Is that why they inject absolutely terrifyingly dangerous substances into your body, which must be disposed of in a crash by teams of military experts for biological warfare?

Even the airspace was closed. Spread to the people. Anyone going to the alleged vaccination should first read the article “how highly safe the active substance” is injected into their body!! Hello, it’s time to wake up….

The Ministry of Defense has dispatched a HAZMAT team, closed the airspace after the crash of a truck carrying Moderna vaccines – and these things are “safe” to apply?

In West Virginia, a truck carrying a shipment of 1.3 million doses of Moderna’s (Covid-19) Wuhan coronavirus “vaccine” crashed, prompting airspace closures around the scene of the incident and the deployment of the HAZMAT team.

The case, which occurred near the watercourses off I-79, was reportedly taken over by the Ministry of Defense (DoD). The threat preparedness center was originally entrusted with the attempt to obtain vaccines, but now that the Defense Department has been involved in the case, it is no longer allowed to speak to the press.

Instead, the media is referring to the Press Secretary of the National Covid Response at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), who claims that 1.3 million benefits were on their way to Ghana.

It is surprising that this disruption of 1.3 million doses of the “safe and effective” vaccine has halted almost all activity around the crash site. It was as if something extremely dangerous had probably escaped into the surrounding environment, and therefore every free hand had to be put in.

HAZMAT cleaning crews reportedly spent 21 hours in an area near Morgantown to recover the vaccines and repair any damage caused. The north side of the motorway was also closed to all traffic at all times.

“A tractor-trailer carrying Moderna COVID-19 vaccines intended for shipment abroad (here I would rather write “help abroad” has lost control on the interstate, hit a concrete barrier, rolled over an embankment about 100 feet and flipped over its side,” the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

“The driver remained trapped inside the vehicle and had to be rescued. He was taken and treated for minor injuries at Ruby Memorial Hospital.”

What do Moderna covid bottles really contain that required such an extreme level of professional cleaning?

As for the HAZMAT team, the official claim is that this extreme measure was necessary to clean up any “oil and antifreeze” that had escaped from the truck – for 21 hours. (note translator: So I laugh when I grab my navel so that my intestines don’t come out.)

Of course, this is not true, which begs the question: What is the truth? Both the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office and the Monongalia HAZMAT team and Governor Jim Justice declined to answer questions, which is highly suspicious.

When asked if any vaccines had escaped from the crashed truck, the Monongalia HAZMAT team only revealed that “we cannot release any information at this time.”

“So I can’t even ask any questions?”

“They’re not questioning it at the moment,” the deputy reportedly replied.

Although no one wanted to answer any questions, Timcast received a partial admission from the state that “that’s why we responded,” citing whether or not the accident posed a threat to public health.

All those involved refer all questions to the Governor of Justice, who has not yet stated the extent of the damage. All we know is that the response to the accident looked “like a small village had been set up,” complete with “mobile labs, pop-up tents, lights, satellite phone antennas, fayette county command center, and Monongalia County Command Center,” according to Brenda Landis-Haas of Morgantown.

A witness at the scene said he saw “all sorts of cleaning crews I’ve never heard of.” This would suggest that Moderna’s “vaccine” vials contain extremely dangerous chemicals that were never intended to be released into the environment.

As we recently reported, Japan stopped serving several million moderna covid vials after they were found to contain mysterious “contaminants” and “black substances.”