Alice in Wonderland Bin Laden Story is “One Big Lie”

 Pulitzer Prize winner, Seymour Hersh, calls out the establishment’s press for being “pathetic, more than obsequious, they are afraid to pick on [Obama]“. We revisit the lies of the Obama raid, the rewards for top brass that sold it, and the death shortly afterward of 20 SEALs who were there.

CIA Confirms Pakistan Knew Bin Laden’s Location Before His Killing

The Pakistani authorities knew whereabouts of former al-Qaeda’s leader Osama bin Laden before he was killed

The Pakistani intelligence shared the information on bin Laden’s location with the US CIA a year before the raid, the news outlet reported. The government of Pakistan was also up to date, according to the sources.

On Sunday, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claimed that the US government lied about the details surrounding the raid on bin Laden’s Pakistani compound and his subsequent death in 2011.


 US President Barack Obama stated that Pakistan did not know about the raid and it was a fully US mission.

On Monday, the White House said that Hersh’s story was inaccurate and baseless.

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