AJC: 64% of Jews See Extreme Left as Anti-Semitic Threat

Daniel Greenfield,
A few numbers from the AJC (American Jewish Congress) survey on anti-Semitism.

I’m not especially fond of the AJC or especially trust its survey, but it does ask questions about campus anti-Semitism, the BDS movement, and Islamic anti-Semitism.

And that’s a start.

The AJC’s survey on anti-Semitism finds that 89% of those surveyed see the extreme political right as an anti-Semitic threat and 64% see the extreme political left as an anti-Semitic threat. I might have challenged those numbers a few years ago, but after two Neo-Nazi mass shootings at two synagogues, in Pittsburgh and California, they’re understandable.

A third of American Jews recognizing the Left as a “serious” anti-Semitic represents significant progress.

85% also describe Islamic “extremism” as a threat. 54% rate it as a serious threat.

82% describe the BDS movement as either mostly anti-Semitic (35%) or as having some anti-Semitic supporters (47%). Only 14% claim that the BDS movement is not anti-Semitic.

This shows just how marginal If Not Now, etc are.

84% believe that saying “Israel has no right to exist” is anti-Semitic,

Interestingly, only 41% describe themselves as liberal, another 15% lean liberal, 21% think they’re moderates, another 13% are conservative, and 8% lean conservative.

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