A victory for mankind – representatives of European royal families reject Rothschilds

According to MI6 sources and the P3 Masonic Lodge, significant events have been taking place behind the scenes recently, as members of the British royal family and Masons from the P3 lodge have declared war on the Rothschild family and the Swiss-based Oktagon group.

According to Mossad sources, the liberation of the Jewish people, who are being held hostage in Israel, is also underway. When the dust settles, it will completely change the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, and even the ruling hierarchy of monotheism itself.

That’s why Queen Elizabeth, meeting her cousin Angela Hitler-Merkel on July 2, told journalists to “take a picture and make history,” according to MI6 sources. They explain that Merkel’s iconic sign of a hand in the form of a triangle is a sign to insiders that she is a member of the Saxony-Kouborsko Gotha clan. (LINK)

The fact that the Queen refused to make this sign meant that British members of the royal family had broken up with their German relatives and would no longer listen to their Swiss leadership, MI6 explains. (LINK)

This means that for the first time in around 200 years, the UK is exempt from the Rothschild family government. This is because the Rothschild family has been closely associated with the Royal Family of Saxony-Kouborsko Gotha since before the Napoleonic Wars. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking clan, made his mark by lending money to support the Saxe-Couborg Gotha wars. His son Nathaniel is best known for taking over the Bank of England for cleverly misusing confidential information based on the knowledge that Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo.

While England may be free for the first time in 200 years because the Rothschilds claim to be descendants of babylonian tyrant Chammurapi, the Jewish people may soon be freed for the first time in 3,793 years.

It may seem like ancient history, but it is closely affected by the fake pandemic and the vaccination campaign that is underway.

Here are a little more necessary contexts. Queen Victoria’s mother came from the Saxe-Couborg Gotha family and married her first cousin Albert, another member of that family. Both Merkel and Queen Elizabeth are descendants of Queen Victoria, as is Hillary Clinton.

Many other members of this bloodline are in positions of power throughout the West. Mossad, for example, sent us proof last week that Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum in Davos, is also a member of the Rothschild family. (LINK)

Remember, Schwab is in favor of a “grand reset” plan and a totalitarian takeover. Hillary Clinton, for her part, is behind america’s fake Biden administration, which goes door-to-door trying to vaccinate everyone with vaccines designed to permanently enslave humanity.

These people are powerful enough to remove Pope Francis and replace him with a rubber mask impostor who says all people must be vaccinated. (LINK)

However, they managed to completely vaccinate only 11.9% of the more than 7.8 billion people on Earth, mainly in Western countries. This means that the Chazaro mafia’s latest attempt to use enslaving vaccinations to maintain power has failed.

I have received a report from Africa that the leaders have not forgotten HIV and are aware of the current eugenics programme of biological weapons in the form of Covid-19. Even after the assassination of four prominent leaders who defied the WHO, others remain defiant.

Moreover, now that the P3 Freemeds behind the Vatican know that their “Pope” has been replaced by a cheater, they have formed an alliance that is even more powerful than the Octagon group in Switzerland.

A report by the P3 governing body and the Black Sun last week states that they now have the support of Russia, China, NATO and the Pentagon to launch a new Nuremberg Tribunal for Vaccine War Crimes. When asked about the Pentagon, they replied, “Yes, don’t worry; the Villa of the Farnes.” But they didn’t all ask questions. He is the ruler of the military-industrial complex. MI6 explains this:

“The world is now in an undeclared state of war. Legal and forensic evidence has shown that an experimental medical facility is used in a state of war. We have recommended that the British armed forces introduce martial law to counter the illegal state of war imposed by the pharmaco-mafia. We would fully support the Nuremberg Vaccine Process.”

It is now certain that Rothschild and Rockefeller’s Chazar mafia group will be stripped of control of central banks around the world and Fortune 500 companies.

It is not yet specified exactly what will replace their government. However, the following nesar/gesar designs indicate what to expect:

  • Erasure of all credit card, mortgage, and other bank credit debts caused by illegal banking and government activities.
  • Abolition of income tax.
  • Abolition of the tax administration. Tax office employees will be transferred to the U.S. Treasury Department’s national sales tax area.
  • Return of respect for constitutional law to all courts and legal matters.
  • Monitoring elections and preventing illegal electoral activities of special interest groups.
  • A ban on the sale of U.S. birth certificates as movable equity securities by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • Launch of a new US Treasury banking system in accordance with constitutional law.
  • Stopping all aggressive, U.S. government military actions around the world.
  • Peace-building all over the world.
  • Freeing up a huge amount of money for humanitarian purposes.
  • The release of more than 6,000 patents on repressed technologies that are concealed from the public under the guile of national security, including free-energy equipment, antigravity and medical devices.

According to sources at the Asian Secret Society, these American proposals will be the main talking point with the dragon family, which is due to begin this fall. The key point will be the establishment of a new meritocratic and transparently managed organisation to ensure that trillions of dollars released for humanitarian purposes are used sensibly.

In any case, these secret negotiations have already led to very visible changes in the world. This applies in particular to the US military, which is openly ending its support for the Wars of the Chazar mafia. The sudden withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan last week was most visible. The Taliban now claim to control 85% of Afghanistan’s territory. (LINK)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The US has also recently abolished three huge logistics bases in Qatar. This forward post in Qatar housed 27 warehouses with tanks, armored personnel carriers and other equipment used to supply the US throughout the Middle East and as reserves in case war with Iran erupted. This shows that they no longer plan to wage war with Iran on behalf of Israel.

There are also indications that there has been some regime change in Saudi Arabia. For example, according to former CIA official Philip Mudd, the assets of Saad Aljabri, a former spy who has long worked directly with “at least the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the White House, the State Department, and the Treasury Department,” have been frozen worldwide. (LINK)

Another clue came from debka’s website, which is connected to Mossad:

“The United States is deliberately warming relations with Jordan and Egypt as part of a plan by President Biden to change his predecessor Donald Trump’s policy in the Middle East, which was based on the Abrahamic Agreements between the Gulf Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.” (LINK)

Translated: Israel has lost control of the Gulf oil states and is now begging jordan and Egypt for protection.

This is almost certainly related to the mysterious huge explosion that rocked buildings throughout Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Initial reports spoke of the destruction of an oil tanker, and photographs showed a large, uncontrollable fire in Jebel Ali – the city’s large commercial port.

The fire came a day after a senior UAE oil official (UAE) announced a break with longtime ally Saudi Arabia over OPEC’s oil production cuts. Let us remember that the UAE was the Gulf state that publicly took the most inclined towards Israel.

Corporate propaganda media is trying to twist the withdrawal of US military support to Israel as a result of its tilt towards China.

In reality, however, soldiers are most needed back in the US to deal with the deteriorating security situation. In Arizona, for example, a civil recount campaign has led to threats against the children of the people behind the recount, Pentagon sources in Arizona say.

There is also a continuing subversion of the civil order. Most recently, this was reflected in the fact that robbers in broad daylight unassally attacked the Neiman Marcus department store in California. (LINK)

Widespread shoplifting in this state is also forcing retail chains like Target and Walgreens to either close or limit opening hours.

There is also an undeclared general strike as more and more Americans refuse to work in low-paid jobs, especially in the hospitality industry.

Accelerating inflation is another sign of the collapse of the US regime.

It is widely predicted that this summer will be marked by food and water shortages, power outages, a sharp increase in crime, uncontrollable fires, etc.

Let’s hope the U.S. military, the last institution the American people trust, gets its ass up and starts taking control. In this context, we receive numerous and reliable reports that the US military is busy arresting chazar mafia minions and judging them in Washington DC, after which they will either hang them or take them to guantánamo prison complexes and Thule Air Base in Greenland. They’re going to have a hot summer.