A Very Merry Christmas for 2021

Diana West, It’s Christmas Eve, which means tomorrow is the 2,021st birthday of Jesus.

It’s also Friday, which means there is fresh batch of figures at the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, known as VAERS. Here, we find, for example, that 34,616 men, women and children worldwide have to date reported “permanent disabilities” resulting from our own and other governments waging a coordinated assault against what it means to be a human being.

I refer, of course, to the forced genetic injection program, deceptively tagged the “covid vaccine.” A small fraction of “adverse events” (read: death and injury) linked to these covid shots (and other actual vaccines) are logged into the US government’s vaccine database weekly. In addition to 34,616 permanent disabilities, the latest figures show us that covid shots are also linked to 23,405 life-threatening illnesses and 20,623 deaths.

Even as a fraction of the whole, the scale of this covid-“vaccine”-linked carnage is intolerable. It proves these untested genetic products are toxic to human beings, and, as a consequence, their distribution should be halted, immediately, everywhere, in the name of human health, also in the name of the law — also, especially at Christmas, in the name of mercy.

But these programs are not halted. Covid inoculation is now an open-ended government-pharmaceutical-media-medical-security-state enterprise, with endless boosters to come, luring humanity into continuing mass experiments in genetic reengineering and “augmentation” en route to digital slavery.

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But it’s Christmas Eve, and perhaps there is a different way to think about such things. In these same figures, in this collated, catalogued human suffering at the hands of the rogue state, covered up, denied, and derided in every institutional setting, there also exists hard evidence of the triumph of godlessness on earth. Such godlessness has been politically systemized by what we think of as “communism,” which I will describe here simply as the merciless use of force by ruthless elites against masses of human beings in the false name (“Big Lie”) of some “collective” good.

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But note: There is no “collective” good. “Collective good” is that smiley-faced totalitarian label for what is in reality the forced nullification of our God-given, Constitution-protected rights as individuals. “Collective good” is what strips us of those rights down to hostage-status, leaving us exposed and defenseless against the depredations of a rogue state — which often means a rogue-state-sanctioned-thug, billy club or clipboard optional.

I illustrated this post with one of the many beautiful paintings of the Adoration of the Magi. It turns out it was commissioned for, and still hangs in the museum of a hospital, Ospedale degli Innocenti — a provenance that has a certain regrettable relevance to our extremely sick state. I chose it, though, due to its worldly setting, the visual references to political power and commerce or exploration, and the evident contemplation and discussion of the miraculous event by what appears to be a rather urbane, 15th-century kind of crowd.

I’m not sure what that leaves us with as we turn the corner on Christmas toward the end of 2021. Contemplation and discussion, anyway, along with, let us all fervently hope, renewal and inspiration to action ahead.

Source: DianaWest.net

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