A group of 32 judges accused world leaders of crimes against humanity and launched an international tribunal

An extraordinary jury has been formed for the natural law in the field of public health and justice. This jury includes 32 judges from all over the world who are experts on these topics. They have opened an international tribunal and explain that crimes against humanity are being committed.

Crimes against humanity, together with war crimes, are the most serious offenses one can commit. They are causing harm to humanity as a whole.

Crimes against humanity are considered to be murders, extermination , slavery, deportation or forced movement of thepopulation, imprisonment or deprivation of physical freedom , which violatesinternational law, torture, rape, forced prostitution or sexual violence, persecution of a group onpolitical , racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious grounds, or because of gender affiliation, forced disappearance of people, apartheid and other inhuman acts that threaten the integrity of people.

This legal movement accuses world leaders of committing crimes against humanity through the misuse of COVID-19, the purpose of which is todeprive us of our rights and freedoms. The movement strives to ban the following:

1. Compulsory or compulsory vaccination.

2. Closure of undertakings and restrictions on free movement.

3. The use of these restrictions to qualify their infringement as a criminal offence, which is completely inappropriate.

4. Fraudulent testing of healthy people.

5. Criminal use of 5G technology.

6. Economic terrorism.

7. Forcing people into poverty.

Leaders around the world are using their authority to abuse the powers that people have entrusted them with.

Those in government positions and in the media act as corrupt corporations, pursuing their own interests and not respecting the will of the people.

The law classifies this act as an abuse ofpower , which means that the leaders have exceeded the framework of powersthat we, the people, have given them.

We are in a very dangerous situation where the leaders are acting criminally and planning to introduce massive forced vaccinations of healthy people in the UK and around the world, they are fully aware of the consequences of this situation where, in the worst case scenario, healthy people will be killed.

All the “benefits” of vaccination are fraudulent.

One of the companies that developed the vaccine is Pfizer. Nigeria sued the company in 2013 for battery on countless Nigerian citizens who were victims of contaminated test kits.

This same company, which was supposed to be shut down years ago, is trying to do the same with the Covid vaccine – giving everyone a lethal vaccine, causing the death of a billion people.

The ruling leaders must be stopped immediately! The situation requires massive and unified action.

There is evidence that at least 490,000 children in India have received polio as a result of the administration of Bill Gates vaccines. Instead of arresting this man and being prevented from further harming him, on 10 November 2020 we were informed that Boris Johnson had discussed with Gates the use of the same unregistered illegal lethal vaccine and the delivery of this vaccine to the British public.