A disaster of epic proportions will be triggered by the mass vaccination

Just Say No to Vaccinations. The well-known virologist Geert Vanden Bossche worked for several pharmaceutical companies: Novartis, Glaxo Smith Kline, Moderna and others. Itself…

He warned the WHO and many other organizations to immediately stop the vaccination frenzy on COVID-19.

He is very concerned about all these vaccine hysteria around the world. It can lead to the destruction and depopulation of all humanity on planet Earth. All scientific evidence is currently IGNORED .

Russia does not intend to tolerate “what they are doing in the Czech Republic today, bulgarians and others are joining them”, and they are clearly demonstrating this, said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the PRESIDENT of the RF.
“What they are doing today inthe Czech Republic , how Bulgarians are joining them, how they are joining them in the Baltic countries and others in this so-called solidarity, we are not going to tolerate this, and we no longer tolerate it. We are clearly showing it,” Peskov said on Russian television station First Channel.
Peskov also stated that Russia has reacted and intends to respond to unacceptable and provocative actions.
“Look, it’s not even purposeful… Firstly, there are retaliations, you can see that Russia is reacting. Russia will continue to respond. Without a response, these totally unacceptable provocative actions and russia’s absolutely unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations will not remain. In any case, all actions of Russia will be carried out in our own interests,” Peskov told reporters in response to a question about RF retaliation in response to statements by the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.
The spokesman also commented on the decision of the Czech pharmaceutical regulator to cancel testing of the Sputnik V vaccine.
“You will understand that such decisions are taken because of these provocative moods, at least in the interest of the Czechs,” Peskov said, noting that it is, according to popular recognition, the most effective vaccine in the world.
Prime minister Andrej Babiš On April 17, he made a statement that the Czech government suspected Russian intelligence services of having ties to the events of 2014 in Vrbětice. Prague expelled 18 Russian diplomats. Moscow responded by declaring 20 employees of the Czech embassy as undesirable persons (persona non grata).
In the Kremlin, they called these accusations outrageous and unfounded, a reaction from Prague as provocative and hostile.
Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhánek requested that Russia return the embassiesed diplomats to Moscow, and when Prague did not receive a positive response, it again announced a reduction in the number of employees of the Russian Embassy, giving them a deadline of the end of May.
President Miloš Zeman turned to his fellow citizens on April 25. According to him, there are two versions of the incident in Vrbětice, unprofessional treatment of the contents of warehouses by employees and the organization of explosions by members of the foreign secret service.
The president called for the results of the investigation to be waited for and then to draw conclusions. If the involvement of Russian agents is confirmed, Moscow must pay the price, he said. However, if the suspicion is refuted, it may be a news game that can have serious consequences for the political life of the Czech Republic.