80% of illegals released by sanctuary cities repeat crimes

Michael F. Haverluck,
Federal immigration data shows that four out of five illegal immigrants released from custody in sanctuary cities nationwide commit more crimes once free.

Repeat offenders became the topic of conversation when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) appealed to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week during a hearing, calling for more money for additional staff to find and apprehend illegals because law enforcement officers in sanctuary cities refuse to detain criminal aliens for ICE agents to pick up.

“When aliens walk out the front of the jail that could have been handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for removal proceedings, they have the opportunity to commit additional crimes,” ICE Acting Associate Executive Director of Detention and Removal Operations Timothy Robbins told the committee, according to Breitbart News. “What we’ve seen – and depending on the report you look at – anywhere from 40 to 80 percent of those who have committed crimes will re-offend.”

Protecting illegals, endangering citizens

Robbins said police in sanctuary cities are needlessly putting local residents in danger.

“In that regard, what we’re seeing is crimes that could be preventable – the human cost who are being victimized and hurt by criminal aliens that ICE had the ability to remove from this country,” Robbins continued.

If police followed existing federal immigration law, it is argued countless citizens would have been kept out of harm’s way.

“The data indicates that up to 80 percent of crimes committed be sanctuary-freed illegal aliens could have been prevented if those suspects had been turned over to ICE for arrest and deportation,” Breitbart’s John Bender gleaned from the report.

Underlying motive?

A common denominator amongst all sanctuary cities, whether it’s Seattle, Los Angeles or Chicago, remains constant.

“One thing all sanctuary areas have in common is that they are run by Democrats,” the website for The David J. Harris, Jr., Show pointed out. “Do you really believe that Democrats are releasing them for humanitarian reasons? Of course not.”

The conservative site then revealed what it believes is the underlying motive behind sanctuary cities and other pro-immigration measures championed by Democrats.

“The idea is to bring in as many illegals as you can and to keep the ones here from being deported,” the site’s Steven Ahle argued. “That way, when they eventually grant amnesty, they will have 12 to 15 million new Democrat voters.”

He sees the GOP ultimately caving into the Democrats’ pressure, which often claims racism as the motive behind President Donald Trump’s tough-on-immigration policy.

“Sooner or later it will happen because most Republicans are feckless cowards who want the media to like them – Mitt Romney is a perfect example – but at what cost?” Ahle asked. “These illegal aliens see they will not be deported – no matter what – and they are free to prey on more victims, but I don’t feel sorry for the new victims – or at least most of them – [because] they’re the ones who keep electing Democrats. If the citizens would vote out any politician who grants sanctuary status, they would get the message and would end the practice.”

A fairly recent example of a needless victim of sanctuary city policies was given by Breitbart.

“In June, a 35-year-old illegal alien was given only 12 months in prison for raping a disabled woman in the sanctuary county of King County, Washington,” Binder recounted. “Immediately after his release from prison, the illegal alien allegedly hunted down his rape victim and attacked her, and he remains wanted by police.”

However, a recent stand has been taken in the courts to hold Democrats and their sanctuary city municipalities accountable for harm and damage incurred as a result of such pro-immigration policies refusing to abide by federal immigration laws.

“Legislation filed in the Senate – supported by Angel Families – would allow Americans and legal immigrants to sue sanctuary jurisdictions when they or their loved ones are victimized by illegal aliens who have been shielded from deportation,” Binder added.

Two of America’s most highly populated cities on each coast are designated as sanctuary cities and release thousands upon thousands of criminal aliens back on the streets every year.

“The nation’s largest sanctuary jurisdictions, Los Angeles County, California, and New York City, release thousands of criminal illegal aliens every year,” Binder informed. “Last year, New York City officials released close to 3,000 criminal illegal aliens back into communities. Meanwhile, Los Angeles County officials release up to 100 criminal illegal aliens every day.”

‘Sanctuary’ by the Bay

Another sanctuary city, San Francisco, has also seen conditions continuing to go in a downward spiral while harboring illegals, including increased homelessness, heightened drug use and filthier streets.

“One San Francisco resident says it’s normal for him to see at least 10–20 needles every day as he walks to work, and at least five to 10 pounds of feces,” Fox News reported in April. “The worst part, he added, is the smell.”

The entire city is reportedly witnessing and experiencing the ill-effects of being a sanctuary city.

“Ultimately, [the San Francisco resident] said, the city has the money to deal with the dangerous conditions on its streets, but are funneling time and energy into sanctuary city policies,” Fox News’ Anna Hopkins recounted. “Additionally, the areas where people ‘who looked like the Walking Dead’ from drug use weren’t in the so-called bad neighborhoods, but the upscale areas home to many of San Francisco’s biggest tech companies.”

The longtime resident said this kind of scene goes hand-in-hand with sanctuary city politics as they play out.

“This is not just a bad area, this is a city that has, quite frankly, made this the new normal,” the San Franciscan contended. “You see people shooting up in front of the cops out there and they’re doing it because it’s allowed. They have the money to get this done if they stop focusing on issues like sanctuary cities and focus on the issues that actually affect their neighborhoods.”

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