5 Types of People: Truth Seekers, Brainwashed, Seduction, Possessed By Power, and Those Who Sold the Soul

Truth seekers There are people who are already being made. They know what’s going on in the world, and they know the truth. They’ve done research and are using their knowledge to help other people. He’s trying to wake up other people. Some have dedicated their entire lives to this endeavor. They’re doing everything they can to spread the message far and wide.

These people are usually isolated, scattered around the world, unable to talk openly with family and friends about what they know.
They’ve tried to talk about it, but they’re confronted with deep-seated opposition, so they’re trying other methods. They’re brave and courageous people. Many people wake up every day and join them.

They’re people who
are still asleep and don’t think there’s anything wrong with the world. To some extent, they still trust their government. They see terrible things happening in the world, but they tend to believe what the mainstream media says.
They’re very busy surviving, raising their kids, working all day, and they’re too tired to dig deeper. They rarely have any free time.

They inocate their babies, feed them GMOs, drink fluoridated water, think chemtrails are normal water vapors and believe that 5G is a good thing.
They just can’t see what’s going on around them. They trust the system. He may have serious flaws, but somehow he still trusts him.
Sometimes they may see the truth in a certain situation, but they can’t connect the dossiers and see the full picture. These people need our help and support, one day they can wake up. We were all like that once. (Or rather, ALMOST all :D)

Brainwashed There are
people who support the dark side but are not fully aware of what they are doing. They join the Masons in the hope that they are helping people, but ultimately support the dark side.
In health care facilities, for example, there are people who believe that they help us by vaccinating mercury, aluminum and cells from abortions. They also administer drugs that have not been properly tested (or have a side effect of death).
There are people in powerful positions who truly believe in what they do. Somehow they were manipulated without even realizing it. These people have been brainwashed by the system. They have no evil intentions and they really believe in what they’re doing. They also need our help.

Those who sold their souls
There are normal people who have been seduced by darkness, one way or another they have crossed to the dark side. Some were blackmailed for it, some were given fame and fortune, and some were given great power. They sold their souls to the dark side. They follow the satanic path. They go to parties where stolen children are abused, they have their own little slaves at home, they lose humanity and all empathy.
In public, they wear the mask of a normal person, but internally they choose evil over good. Their reward is fame and fortune. The sleeping masses love them, but if they knew the truth, it would change in a second.

They chose fame and fortune over love for their neighbors and women. They were not born that way, they chose this way of life themselves. If you’re one of these people, consider your position. We wake up en masse, find out more about you every day. We see you for who you really are. Not the way you want us to see you. Leave the darkness and go back to the light. Join mankind in our fight against evil. Anyone who knows about all this and has not succumbed, please come and discover the truth. Help your neighbors in need.

Possessed by power
There are people who have taken over our world. They work to fully control mankind throughout their lives, just like their ancestors. The goal of establishing total power over humanity was passed down from generation to generation. They see us as useless consumers of their resources. They’re trying to reduce our numbers to a more manageable level, in any way they can. They were born into this way of life. They believe in human sacrifice, pedophilia and cannibalism, they go the satanic way. They grew up on it. They have no empathy or compassion. They live lives completely different from the rest of us.
They believe they can do whatever they want, and they do. By robbing us all, they have amassed immense wealth and are using it to carry out their evil plans. They want humanity to suffer. They want us to be in a total state of fear and anxiety all the time, so that we can be more easily controlled in this way.
They are so evil that they bring dark interdimensional entities into our world,
causing even more pain and suffering to mankind. Until this point, their plans generally went unnoticed. They almost succeeded until we started waking up. Some people who were born into this way of life were able to see the truth and let it go.

The Seekers of Truth must spread the truth in any way they can. Try to spread love, peace and harmony all over the world. We can get through this. Those who sleep and manipulate need our help and understanding. Brainwashed people also need our help to see the truth. Those who have sold their souls need to know that we know what they are doing and we will tell everyone. The powerful must accept that they have lost their power. Too many of us are already awake, and we don’t want to live like this anymore. That time has gone.
The only thing in this life we can be sure of is change. Nothing stays the same. Things have changed, now is our time.

(I’d rather use “Guardians of Truth” or “The Seer” instead of “truth seekers.” In the matrix, the most you run for is still missing, and who’s looking hasn’t found it yet. In the end, however, I left the original meaning according to the original.)

Julie Alexander