2021 Rings In Continued Corruption – Leaders Who Belong Behind Bars

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Mark Schumacher, Bill Of Rights Ignored.

So here we are again, waiting with baited breath to see what kind of continued nightmare will be brought forth by some of the most corrupt leaders America has had in 50 years. Seemingly, things are getting worse and not better, covid-19 is becoming something of a joke more and more each day, as our leaders seem to waiver on how real it really is.

It has become so bad that we can’t even decidedly pick a leader by an honest vote, turning American ideals into a circus sideshow. We have billionaires that have decided it is up to them to rule and to set aside the common working man who without we would not be here.

I still think on a daily basis on how this site’s founder Henry Shivley told us at the inception of this website about all of this happening, and by God it happened.

Let’s not forget that Henry has also told us the only way to get rid of all this garbage is by force, nothing less. We hear those words daily from both Henry and John on our daily show. Hopefully the masses that have tuned into the show have taken this into consideration and are planning just that.

Let us all hope that reality sinks in quick, and that our beloved United States of America is reinstated and removed away from the Communists. Our children are growing up under a kind of tyranny that only can be described as evil, something that all of us here understand must be eliminated as fast as possible.

So here we are in 2021, with the reality of tyranny, corruption and players of evil that call themselves leaders of the United States. American Nationals have our own leaders who we call the Bill of Rights, numbers one through ten. Thank goodness for From the Trenches World Report, thank goodness for Henry Shivley and John Dee, and the knowledge of knowing that the Bill of Rights is and always will be the supreme law of our land.

I pray that our children and our grandchildren see the day when the Bill of Rights is reinstated.

Down with the New World Order and God bless the American national and more importantly all of us here, at this website we call home. I hope all of you here we’ll have a beautiful 2021 and thank you for the continued support of not only the Bill of Rights but this great website.

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