Lindell: We have to do something before he destroys the country

Tereza, No one works harder on the 2020 election and voter fraud than My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. Voter and voter fraud have been documented in many ways and have been used to steal elections from President Trump. Deep State swamp insiders, Democrats, and Republicans worked with the state on the biggest fraud in history.

Lindell thinks that any new evidence of voter fraud, added to what his team of data scientists and election experts has already uncovered, will eventually put Trump back in office as the rightful winner of the 2020 election. Lindell estimates that Trump will return to office in August, explaining, “The country will be destroyed by August if he doesn’t get there. With everything I know to get all the evidence to the people over the next five weeks , whether you’re Democrats or Republicans, it doesn’t matter if you know it was China’s attack on our country. Even Democrats realize that this is not the party they voted for.

That’s socialism and communism. What I want to do is get it all to them and just flood the Internet and flood all the information and evidence. Then I want to take this case to the Supreme Court. I believe that with what’s in front of them, they’re going to have to take the case because it was an attack on our country. There’s no statute of limitations on fraud, and this is the biggest crime and the biggest cybercrime in history. They’re going to have to drop this election. I don’t know if we have a new election or if we’re going to give it to the rightful winner, Donald Trump, who got 80 million votes and 66 million for Biden. With all these things to reveal, I think August is a good time estimate.”

Lindell goes on to say, “I want to tell you what’s coming. What I did last month, I sent people into the field, and they verified the IP addresses, identified computers, longitude and latitude, buildings, and who did it. We looked into it for 20 Chinese attacks on November 3. We had it verified by a third party. It will be labeled “Absolute Interference.” In those 20 cyberattacks from China (and there were thousands of them), they tipped over and changed five states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona…. This will be published in my new documentary entitled “Absolute Interference” and will show that this was China’s attack on our country.”

Lindell also says, “What they don’t want is for you to look at the voting machines. They don’t want to audit. I was sued by Smartmatic and Dominion.” (Dominion and Smartmatic have repeatedly stated that all claims of voter fraud with their machines and software are false.)

But Lindell says he can prove that elections have been stolen on many levels. His first documentary on voter and electoral fraud, “Absolute Proof,” has already been watched by 150 million.

Lindell also says that not only was Donald Trump cheated, but other candidates were also robbed. Lindell says he can also prove that fraud was committed in the 2020 U.S. Senate and House of Representatives elections.

To show the public evidence of massive voter fraud, Lindell will launch a new social media platform called “Frank” on April 19. Lindell says it has spent considerable money to ensure the platform performs well enough to attract up to one billion users at a time.

Finally, Lindell says you’ll hear about new evidence and massive election cyber-attacks and cover-ups of the largest voter fraud in history. We need to expose the scams in the next few weeks. We cannot wait until 2022 or 2024. We have to do something before he destroys the country.