Fellow Patriot: After a two-month hiatus, Stop the Steal is back To Help Save America (and here to stay if we have your support).

We have been attacked in every way possible. They’ve deplatformed us; twice, they’ve taken away our ability to process legal donations; they’ve accused us, without evidence, of crimes (there are no charges!); and they’ve even put a bounty on Ali Alexander’s head.

We’ve had to take time to regroup.

Look, the last few months haven’t been easy. The amount of hatred that has been spewed out from the Left and even a few grifters on the Right against our movement for election integrity has been staggering.

We were only sustained by your January donations (which paid for security, travel, and tools we’re developing behind the scenes) and prayer.

Yes, we still believe.

Yes, we believe in prayer.

We’ve done nothing wrong and need your help.

The Former US Capitol Police Chief recently testified before Congress that the evacuation of House representatives and Senators was triggered by the discovery of pipe bombs at the Republican National Committee.

NOT because of protestors at the US Capitol building.

We want to vindicate our peaceful movement and those who got caught up doing nothing wrong except being a little civilly disobedient. (We do not support any violence or property destruction that is alleged to have taken place — some of that being far leftists.)

If you want ‘Stop the Steal’ to continue — if you want us to keep fighting, please consider a $100 donation today. If you are in a position to do more, please do. Do whatever you can. There are over 80 million of us!

We’ve been told by the establishment GOP committees to “get over it.” They say, “your time is over.” We say: HELL NO!

This is our movement and the Republican Party should be at our beck and call.

Where was the GOP when you needed them to defend your vote?

We need your donation — today — to prove that we are still a viable organization and movement. We need to prove that censorship and deplatforming do not work. We shall overcome… will you continue to be part of this movement, friend? 



The two questions Ali Alexander most frequently gets asked is:

  1. Are you safe? Yes, he is because of our movement.
  2. What’s next, please give us instructions?

He says that we cannot abandon our First Amendment rights under pressure but wants to be prudent about our next steps, especially in-person events. Ali has been invited to Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona for respective events.

In March and April, we must meet in small groups and continue to collude with fellow patriots. We must continue to denounce the authoritarian political police state Democrats have turned Washington DC into.

Ali plans to publish a list of bad incumbents that will be easiest to get rid of in a primary and reassert his belief that Arizona RINO Governor Doug Ducey should be recalled.

He’s dedicated his life to us and our movement. We’re proud to be on the team.

We wanted to give you additional updates.

There have been legislative moves by states that support election integrity.

Georgia recently passed a bill that requires a photo ID for absentee voting. When voters apply for an absentee ballot, they will need to provide a driver’s license number, other state ID number, or a photocopy of their identification.[2]

Arizona is doing the same by having their voters include identification paperwork with their mail-in ballots.[3]

In Iowa, the Governor signed a bill that would require mailed ballots to be received by Election Day instead of being postmarked by that date.[4]

Moves like these are what our Country needs. We need your help to keep this going all across the country.

But a word of caution: Do NOT donate to the RNC.

They are not using donations to promote election integrity or the MAGA agenda. Most of that money is being used for RINOs or other scam purposes.

President Donald Trump has even asked the RNC to stop using his name and likeness, without permission, when fundraising.[5]

To help this movement financially, donate only to causes that are endorsed by President Trump or Stop the Steal (bookmark this URL).

You can donate today at

* * *

Sign up at our new Stop the Steal website at for the latest information.

We have great things planned for this year and we are looking forward to you joining us!

We will send you emails on a regular basis so that you are updated on the latest developments and announcements. They won’t all be fundraising pitches like some of those scam groups. We’re not here to pressure you with hysterical text or crazy updates.

We’re here to save the REPUBLIC!

— Stop the Steal team

P.S. Please forward this email to 3 other like-minded patriots. They can kick us off Twitter and Facebook but they cannot abolish freedom from the hearts of patriotic men and women. We will only stop if you tell us to stop or if we run out of resources. Refuel us today.







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