Know this one important fact. If the election is proven to be stolen in court and we are granted the president we voted for, or hold another election, whatever the outcome to victory is and we have President Trump once again.

Having President Trump back at the front to lead the nation does not mean, everything will be wine and roses.

It will mean that God has returned to us a leader to lead us through the next of many raging battles in this RESET war, against the cabal that will throw every thing it has at President Trump, and every one of us.

It will be a season of refining, but it will be a rejoicing when the final victory is declared and our nation under God is finally proclaimed as the founding fathers originally intended. For it is a fact, we have never been totally free of the Crown…until the day we RESET everything!

Remember the war has already begun and we are in the middle of it right now. The battle is for who gets to RESET? Those who demand law and order and in God we trust, or those who overthrow and demand a new global order. Will Tesla’s technology be used for good as he intended, or will it all be used to destroy humanity and enslave all creation by the great merchants of the earth, also known as the 1 Percenters!

GREAT MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH – 99% of the Earth’s population is controlled by an “elite” 1%, but the Council of the 13 families consists of less than 1% of the 1% “elite” and nobody on Earth can apply for membership.

The war to RESET has waged for a long while, but the broadest steps that the evil corporation has taken have been in the last 100 years. A well celebrated General Smedley D. Butler blew the whistle on the corporations and the war machine known as UNITED STATES, INC., which has served the 1% while the people were left in the dark, not knowing a dang thing.

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Does this not SOUND LIKE THE GLOBAL RESET? Remember we are in a different type of war and one if the White Hats of God win, we’ll RESET the world for good of all humanity, or if the Dark hats of the Cabal win they will RESET the world with all the bells and whistles of puppet Fresco’s Venus Project, for behind its’ veil is the new world order and their great RESET.

Pray that our military white hats and President Trump prevail in this wicked war that we all find ourselves inside of whether we acknowledge it or deny it, and whether we like it or not…this is where we are.