ELECTION 2020: The Plot to Steal America

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***Please note that the CCP does not own majority share of Disney. I reported this incorrectly. They CCP owns majority share of Disney world in Shanghai, they partnered on Mulan and used it to spread their agenda, and they clearly have significant influence over Disney. But they do not officially own majority share. I have updated my Youtube video to correct this but can’t do it here. My apologies.

2020 has been a year like no other. Everything we know, everything we trust, and everything we have come to rely on has changed. So why should we expect the US election to be any different?

Mainstream media are telling us the race is over, Biden won, time to move on, nothing to see here folks. But in your gut, you know something’s just not right. From the strange patterns on election night, to the weeks of suspense, to the reports of fraud that evaporate faster than Biden’s memory. It just doesn’t add up.

In this episode, I’ll show you just what’s going on behind the scenes in this election, and why the greatest threat we’re facing right now, is not an invisible enemy invading our bodies, but one that’s invading our country and our minds.

We are up against Big Tech.

We are up against Big Media.

We are up against Big Government.

Think this is a conspiracy?

Here is the breakdown:

Big Tech:

Big Tech was so involved that it would take me forever to lay out everything that they have done. For that reason, I will only cover some of it. Twitter banned conservative voices. Twitter thwarted Conservative influencers from growing. They also killed stories that were bad for the left. The best example of this was the Hunter Biden scandal. It is now confirmed that the Hunter Biden scandal is real and not Russian disinfo. Yet Twitter censored it when it really mattered. They locked out The New York Post for tweeting a completely true story about it and then even blocked Twitter users from sharing it. This was obviously to protect Joe Biden. However, as bad as all this is we still have one feature that I think is bigger. That is trends. This mostly took place on Twitter. Twitter trends control the narrative for users. As soon as you go on Twitter you see them. Twitter used this magically. Even though on many occasions anti-Biden or Democrat stories were more popular they would block the trend. They would usually replace it with something with fewer tweets but they liked. They would also take the trends and try to make anti-Biden trends not look so bad. President Trump has called this out many times. He realizes that Twitter used trends to control the narrative their users got as soon as they got on the app.


Big Media:

Much like Big Tech the Mainstream Media has done too much for me to cover it all. However, they played an equal role in helping this election get stolen. They pushed COVID hysteria and blamed President Trump. They pushed phony conspiracies and never apologized for them. Just like Big Tech, the Mainstream Media covered up the biggest scandal of the election cycle. The Hunter Biden scandal. They smeared anyone who pushed it. In fact, they helped push the now fake idea that it was “Russian Disinformation”. A study done by the Media Research Center found that had Biden voters in swing states heard about this scandal he would have lost this election even with the fraud. They’re not done with the coverup though. We are now seeing that their biggest scheme is the cover-up of 2020 election fraud. No-one is saying that the Media needs to come out and say it was rigged or stolen. What we are saying is that you would think that would be interested in covering the thousands of affidavits alleging fraud. You would think they would be interested in covering the irregularities that took place during the 2020 election. Of course, they can’t do that. The reason for that is because if they start showing this then more Americans will realize what took place. It is all propaganda. So they are trying to deny it until Biden is inaugurated.


Big Government:

The deep state has been working to undermine President Trump since day one. They blocked his agenda at every turn and leaked fake damaging stories to the press. Countless investigations, Impeachment, and the slow-walking of his agenda by the Deep State were all tactics used to undermine President Trump. I could go on but you get the point.

Of course, there was election fraud in the 2020 election. However, don’t let it hide the fact that this election was being rigged by the ruling class long before it even took place.

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